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How to choose the best travel website development company

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Choosing a travel website company is the most important part when setting up a travel business. Many times even established businesses are on a pursuit to change their travel technology. And they scout for the best travel portal and web solutions company. These companies want to digitally transform so as to add value and increase their chances for better business prospects.

So how to choose the best travel website development company? Here are some tips.

Check their portfolio

An experienced travel solutions company will have an impressive portfolio. They would have an established travel portal development software framework. One that allows for extensions, extensibility and customizations. The framework will be future-proof, support open-source technologies, modular, and also be ready to integrate with proprietary technologies.

The portfolio of the travel portal development company need not be diverse. But at least it should consist of websites, web portals, web applications, and mobile applications that have been developed for customer success. Check for the type of features that have been developed. Some of the features of a typical travel application are:

·  User and customer management portal

·  Booking and reservations

·   Safe login and user accounts

·   Fund management

·   Quick view and book

·   API integrations – flight API, hotel API, bus rental API

·   Alerts, reminders, notifications

·   Payment gateway

·   Reporting

·   E-wallets

Trip Mega Mart is the leading tourism portal development company with an impressive portfolio. The features that this company offers fulfills any travel service provider’s needs. Whether it is flight booking engine, hotel booking engine, travel agency software, holiday package system, car rental system, flight & hotel central reservation system etc. any type of feature can be developed by this company.

Network of suppliers

A travel portal development company is not only a good web portal builder, but also has expertise in the domain. This means that the travel solutions company will have a large supplier network. The network will consist of travel service providers, travel wholesales, third-party agents, tour operators, and accommodation wholesalers. The travel portal company must have an inventory of such parties.

For example, Trip Mega Mart travel portal solution company has a supplier network across all categories. Ranging from flights, car rental, cruises, transfers to accommodation providers, and institutionalized travel agencies, the list of suppliers is ever expanding. That’s why several travel agencies prefer to work with this travel portal development company. They are able to not only serve local and regional travel needs, but also reach out to a larger international traveler segment.


Data security is becoming more important as the days progress. To create B2B & B2C travel website/portal is also to create it in a highly secure fashion as Trip Mega Mart white label portal development company does. Increase in cyber-attacks has prompted governments to levy strong regulations. Travel agencies have to comply with these regulations. Non-compliance to these regulations attracts penalties and even a possible cancelation of the license to do business.

Travel agencies want to avoid this at any cost. They look to travel solutions providers to secure their data. A travel application company must be able to provide modern ways of encrypting data. The travel development company must know the latest techniques of secure data transit. Now that there is more emphasis on cloud storage and cloud applications, it is required of the web dev company to have a good understanding of cloud computing and storage tech.


Pricing could be one of the complicated parts of an undertaking. The best travel website development companies such as Trip Mega Mart travel website/portal design & development company have clear pricing policies. The pricing is transparent and allows clients to make decisions based on it. No part of the pricing is obscure. The pricing policy is standard and consistent even for customizations. There are several measures developed to estimate the pricing based on industry best practices.

Customer support

The travel solutions company should have a proactive customer support team. One that responds to queries within a time-frame. Typically, the time to respond is 24 hours to 48 hours. But travel portal development companies such as Trip Mega Mart may take only a few minutes to respond. It is for this reason that this company has been repeatedly chosen as the best travel website development company by travel agencies all around the world.


Based on all of these parameters, Trip Mega Mart is the highest preferred travel website/portal development company for travel agencies. This travel technology company can offer anything under the sun for any type of travel agency, airline suppliers, hotel suppliers, third-party services etc.

Travel agencies can work with this travel portal development company over the long term. They can realize short and long term benefits, increase their revenues, attract a larger customer base, build more features, and fulfill modern travelers’ needs. Anyone planning to start online travel business agency can work with Trip Mega Mart to get started and get profitable.

Posted on 28-Mar-2022

Travel Portal Development