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How to Start a Profitable Travel Agency Business

How To Start A Profitable Travel Agency Business

How to Start a Profitable Travel Agency Business

The steps to start a profitable travel agency business are easy. But people often don’t do it. It is not due to the absence of discipline but due to the lack of conviction. Starting a travel business, for that matter any business, needs a step by step approach. When it comes to a travel business, there are some proven ways to do it. Many agencies deploy ready-made travel portals built by Trip Mega Mart travel website/portal development company that is built at low travel website/portal development cost.

The following are the common steps to start a travel agency and make it profitable.

Research the niche

Before asking Trip Mega Mart White label Travel Portal Development to create a travel portal or deploying a ready-made travel portal, understand the niche. Will the travel services cater to a broad category of travelers or a niche segment? Will it be focused on a specific set of regions, countries, geographies, market regions? Will the travel services be basic, intermediate, or advanced ones? What is the travel agency software requirements? Will the travel portal have flight booking engine, hotel booking engine, GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration, flight & hotel central reservation system, car rental system, holiday package system etc.?

The business plan

A travel agency has to find out its market. It is because the travel market is huge. Travel agencies are many. So, a travel agency is better off as a general booking services center or a niche services company. Trip Mega Mart Travel Technology Company consulting services can provide the required support and guidance. The business plan will also include the plan to develop a travel portal, its feature-set, and its deployment details. Businesses that have just begun to start online travel agency business can use a phased approach to first break-even and then get into profitability.

Naming the travel agency

Many would say “What’s in a name?”. But a catch name has higher recall. Sometimes, recall matters. Because when people recall a travel agency’s name, they do select it. And if the travel agency can use Trip Mega Mart travel portal solution to serve its customers, then the recall becomes permanent. Customers will become loyal. The travel agency will have a steady source of revenue. It can build upon this revenue and also plan for business expansion.

Legal requirements

Travel agencies must comply with legal requirements. If a travel agency is planning to start travel business online, it can seek assistance from Trip Mega Mart Tourism Portal Development and consulting. The travel website/portal development company has a consulting practice. Consultants will assist agencies preparing to start travel business online.


The final step is to build the travel portal. Trip Mega Mart ready-made portals or customized travel portals can be used. The travel portal will have integrations, some of them standard and many of them as per the business requirements of the travel agency. Trip Mega Mart understands the nuances of how to develop a website for a travel agency or mobile apps or cloud apps. A travel agency just needs to find out why, where, and what it wants to do

Posted on 05-Aug-2019

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