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Services of a White Label Travel Portal Development Company

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A white label travel portal development company is one that provides customizable pre-fabricated frameworks for online digital platforms. These platforms offer all kinds of travel related features and are perfect for amateur entrepreneurs to enter the travel and tourism industry. Travel and tourism is a billion dollar industry worldwide and the scope of this sector is increasing year after year with further advances in transport and communication technology.

Basic services of a white label travel portal development company

Trip Mega Mart is a very well-known international travel portal design and development company. They create B2B and B2C travel portals that have become successful business ventures under the guidance of able entrepreneurs. The pre-built white label platforms can be customized for different businesses.

Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions are best known for their GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration which can be used for showing information from airline suppliers and hotel suppliers. The API integration service is also used to run highly effective holiday package systems and car rental systems which complete the rest of the travel essentials of customers.

Trip Mega Mart portals allow customers to complete their entire travel planning on one single website; customers do not have to juggle multiple different web pages for different needs. The portals are also fully scalable and have multi-device optimization. Customers from all over the world can be accessed and no separate mobile applications are needed.

As a travel technology company, Trip Mega Mart also understands the needs of other business owners. Trip Mega Mart business owner clients get various admin control features which they can use to make minor alterations to their website’s front end after the site goes live. There is no need to make any changes to the software code for these basic alterations.

Start Online Travel Agency Business – branding and cost structure

All Trip Mega Mart portals are customized with the brand name, logo and other basic branding details of the client company. The client can also make some changes to the design and layout of the website by paying a small extra charge. These customizations ensure that even though all Trip Mega Mart travel portals have the same basic framework, the ultimate look of each website is very unique.

This uniqueness is absolutely essential to build brand identity and create a specific customer base for the brand.

Another attractive feature of Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions is their user-friendly, simple and intuitive user-interface which almost anyone can use with complete ease. This feature helps retain customers for travel businesses.

Trip Mega Mart portals are also priced very reasonably in terms of worldwide industry standards. There are a few different plans and each plan has its own budget. Extra features or individual travel agent portals can be added by paying a bit extra.

The main recurring expenditure for Trip Mega Mart clients is the annual maintenance fee of 25% of the initial portal cost that has to be paid yearly.

Overall, Trip Mega Mart provides a very affordable and convenient solution for anyone trying to break into the travel industry. Just make a call to Trip Mega Mart today and start planning out your business branding and marketing pitches. A Trip Mega Mart white label travel portal can easily become a very profitable business with just some careful advertising and clever branding strategies.

Posted on 06-Jul-2022

White Label Travel Portal Development