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White Label Travel Portal in Port Harcourt

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Explore the riverine delights of Port Harcourt in Nigeria

Port Harcourt is one of Nigeria’s major cities and is located along the River Bonny. This beautiful city has its fair share of natural parks and zoos to keep tourists entertained for a short vacation. The city is also well-connected to other parts of Nigeria and can be an important nodal location for exploring the country. Some of the other important cities of Nigeria that receive the bulk of international tourists are Lagos, Ibadan and Kano.

The African country of Nigeria was one where the tourism industry struggled to grow for a long time due to internal civil disturbances. But now, realizing the economic potential of this industry, the government as well as the local people of Nigeria are taking steps to encourage tourists and give them an exciting experience in the country.

Partner with Trip Mega Mart to build travel portal solutions in Nigeria

Trip Mega Mart is an international brand that is known for creating B2B and B2C travel portals with white label solutions.

Trip Mega Mart has a huge collection of pre-built white label travel websites and clients can purchase one of these to turn it into their own business. Before delivery, each site is customized with the business name, logo and other preferences of the client to make it unique and help it to stand out.

Trip Mega Mart portals are generally quite affordable and cheaper than what it would cost to purchase and build a whole new website from the start. So, clients often prefer these and the total time to complete and customize a white label portal is also just a fraction of the time needed to build a new site.

A completed white label portal is a full-fledged business with its own features and payment systems that customers can use. Some clever marketing can easily turn one of these sites into a profit-making business. These businesses can be run from home without any infrastructural cost and the only real working capital requirement is the annual maintenance fee. For Trip Mega Mart travel portal development company this annual fee is only 25% of the website cost.

How to pick the best Trip Mega Mart portal for your business model

There are many ways in which a business can leverage its online portal to start earning profits. But the biggest successes are always business owners who have a concrete idea about the kind of services they want to offer for their business.

Trip Mega Mart clients can customize their list of features and designs on their site, but these are some of the commonly available options seen in the Trip Mega Mart white label travel portal development catalogue:

• Flight booking engines and hotel booking engines that work using GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration. The sites can gather real-time information from these service providers and make it available to the customer on one single platform

• Similar technology is used for car rental systems and hotel booking systems which are also very popular for travel agency software

• There is an internal payment portal built within each and every Trip Mega Mart portal with its own security system

• Trip Mega Mart portals also have a large number of admin access features that allow business owners to control what is displayed on their live website

• The sites are also compatible with mobile/tablet/computer/laptop and can be operated at local or international scale

• The most important feature of Trip Mega Mart sites is the fully customized and intuitive user-interface. This interface is very important to attract and retain customers. The design of the user-interface also helps the site stand out from its other white label counterparts and forms a vital marketing element for the business.

• Trip Mega Mart travel portal development company can also add individual travel agent portals to a travel agency website to make the business more organized and efficient

Are you someone who has personally experienced the beauty of Port Harcourt and are eager to share it with the rest of the world? Then turn your vision into a successful and profit-making business venture by partnering up with Trip Mega Mart, Nigeria’s most trusted travel portal solutions provider.

Posted on 30-Aug-2021

Travel Portal Development in Nigeria