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Uttarakhand is a beautiful place with a lovely Himalayan backdrop, pleasant weather, and a horde of sites to attract tourists. To get an idea of starting a new business of tours and travels in Uttarakhand is an understandable proposition. 

To make this dream come true, one can take the help of an experienced travel portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart. It has an easy-to-use interface that responds instantly with travel agency software integration and is complete with GDS integration service. So, while one needs to start a travel business, they should have complete knowledge about the travel industry's prevailing trends and the demand of the kind of services required, and the target audience of these services.

Moreover, Trip Mega Mart is a portal that provides API integration for airline suppliers, hotel suppliers, bus bookings, Flight Booking Engine, Hotel Booking Engine, car rental system, Flight & Hotel Central Reservation System, and holiday package system making it highly convenient for the tourists to book their Holidays instantly.

A travel agency can be a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs involved in the service sector. But at present travel businesses are mostly shifting online. The quickest and most reliable method to set-up an online travel start-up is to purchase a customized white label travel portal. White label travel portals are built with all travel industry essentials like GDS API integration.

The most well-known white label travel portal development company is Trip Mega Mart. They create B2C or B2B websites for their clients. Each website has flight booking engines and hotel booking engines that operate using GDS, XML & API flight and hotel integration. The websites are available at different price points. The simplest plan costs about Rs 30,000 and the highest plan costs Rs 60,000. Trip Mega Mart also develops travel mobile applications to make it possible for customers to effectively browse the portal on their phones as well. The website developers can also add in travel agent portals to the website for a charge of Rs 15,000.

The travel industry is a very profitable sector full of passionate entrepreneurs who want to help their customers travel to their dream destinations. At present the best way to become involved in the travel industry is by operating an online travel portal.

One of the topmost travel portal development companies is Trip Mega Mart. They are a white label travel portal development company. This means that entrepreneurs can just buy a B2C or B2B website from them and the website gets customized with the travel business’s brand name. Trip Mega Mart websites have GDS, XML & API flight and hotel integration, which are essential for any travel portal with real-time flight booking and hotel booking engines.

Car rental systems, holiday package systems and other features can also be built into the websites by paying a bit more. Website costs are extremely reasonable and the annual maintenance charges are 25% of website development cost.

To start your own travel business, here are a few steps that will take you through the process easily :

Step 1: Engage a travel portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart to prepare your travel business plan. 

Step 2: Let Trip Mega Mart deal with all the legalities while looking after the travel agency software integration and GDS integration services. 

Step 3: Manage your funding strategy as you will require funds for office setup, hiring employees, marketing, and advertising your travel business. Trip Mega Mart offers low-cost design options and relatively reasonable API integration for airline suppliers, hotel suppliers, bus bookings, Flight Booking Engine, Hotel Booking Engine, car rental system, Flight & Hotel Central Reservation System, and holiday package system. 

Step 4: Select an ideal location for setting up your travel business office  

Step 5: Market and begin your travel business, making Trip Mega Mart your partner and the most significant support for running your business smoothly.

While starting an online travel activity booking business, one wonders as to having a website with beautiful, engaging images, inspirational videos, well-written content and excellent reviews to attract their customers and generate sales. Many online travel portal websites and application creators such as Trip Mega Mart offer relatively low-cost design options for travel agency software integration and GDS Integration Service such as GDS, XML & API Flight & Hotel Integration. They create a great brand image with extensive marketing and advertisement on many social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. They also use online travel agents (OTAs), influencers, and bloggers to create business opportunities for improving the online booking business. 

This online presence attributes to travel portals like Trip Mega Mart which have excellent API integration for airline suppliers, hotel suppliers, bus bookings, Flight Booking Engine, Hotel Booking Engine, car rental system, Flight & Hotel Central Reservation System, and holiday package system to engage their customers. 

Thus Trip Mega Mart is an upcoming online platform to start a travel activity booking business.

Set Up Your Online Platform To Start Tour And Travel Business In A Beautiful City Like Uttarakhand

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