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How to select the best travel technology solutions company

How To Select The Best Travel Technology Solutions Company

Travel and tourism businesses are now flourishing in the digital space. Online platforms make it possible for travel businesses to reach a large customer base and offer many services which customers can purchase from the comfort of their own home. But the process of developing and launching an online platform can be a daunting task for many entrepreneurs who do not have any professional technological training. For them, there are many travel website design and development companies to aid in this process.

Why do you need the services of a travel portal development company?

In order to create a successful online travel portal, a travel business needs to have a website that can provide real time information for flight booking engines and hotel booking engines. This requires the assistance of GDS integration services. But GDS API suppliers have strict website compliance rules in order for a travel portal to use GDS integration. This makes it difficult for online travel start-up businesses to build their own website. So, a travel business needs to take the help of a white label travel portal development company.

A white label travel portal development company creates a B2B or B2C travel website that has GDS integration built into it. A travel business has to purchase a travel portal and the website gets personalized with the name and logo of the purchasing business. The travel business is now ready to start operating online.

Which travel portal solutions company should you choose?

There are numerous travel agency software development companies all over the world, but one of the leading global white label travel portal companies is Trip Mega Mart. They develop top grade white label portals with excellent efficiency and user friendliness.

The reason for the popularity of Trip Mega Mart is due to the fact that they provide a very comprehensive service. Once a client chooses a website and pays for it the portal is customized and delivered to the client in just a few working days. The customer does not have to worry about any technicalities. They also have travel mobile application development services so that the website can work seamlessly across all devices. Entrepreneurs can just focus on marketing strategies and publicity campaigns for their brands.

Average travel portal development cost for white label websites

In spite of its efficient service, Trip Mega Mart websites are very affordable. The average cost of white label travel portal is estimated to be around 1000 $. There are websites available at lower prices and ones at higher prices. There are different website plans categorized by different website features. As the number of features increases the price goes up. There are also some special add-on features available for a little bit of extra payment. Travel agent portals can be added on to any website by paying a small charge. There is also an annual fee for all customers. This fee is 25% of the original website plan. This fee is charged for continued usage of the GDS service from GDS API suppliers.

The travel industry is a highly competitive and profitable market. Recent digitization has made the market even more cut-throat. But the profits are also higher. It takes very little investment to start an online travel business, but with proper marketing the business can make huge profits. Tourism portal development companies are cropping up all over the world to cater to this growing need for online travel portals. Innovative entrepreneurs are constantly on the look-out for good business opportunities. A white label travel portal is the perfect opportunity for them to make an investment and gain a substantial share in the lucrative international tourism industry. So start a travel agency online and fulfil your dreams of becoming a successful business owner.

Posted on 20-Apr-2015

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