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White Label Travel Portal in Kinshasa

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Heaven for travelers who like the off-beat- Kinshasa, Congo

Avid travelers who like to visit more uncommon locations will love the city of Kinshasa, the main commercial centre of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is a stunning city with some of the best modern amenities available in the whole country. Congo generally offers tourists a blend of wildlife and unique geological formations. The rich cultural heritage of the country also deserves to be appreciated by tourists from all over the world. Some other important cities of Congo that tourists should visit include Lubumbashi, Likasa and Kananaga.

Various geo-political issues have prevented the full growth of the tourism industry in Congo. But in recent years some enterprising young business minds of Congo are trying to reverse this trend with the help of online travel portal solutions to reach foreign tourist markets. They are taking the help of white label travel portals in Kinshasa to reach their goal.

How can you turn a white label portal into your personal business venture?

White label travel portal development refers to when a pre-built website is customized for a specific travel brand. A company that specializes in this skill is Trip Mega Mart. Trip Mega Mart has a huge repertoire of website plans that it can sell to clients. When clients make the purchase the site is customized for the branding requirements of the client’s travel business. The end product is an online business platform that can very easily earn profits.

But even though this process seems complex, it is actually pretty simple and quick and with Trip Mega Mart also quite affordable. Trip Mega Mart creates B2B and B2C travel websites and then uses customizations in features and designs to make it appropriate for different types of business operations. The sites work on all sorts of devices and the client that purchases the business portal can also choose the scale of operations (local/regional/international) for the business.

With Trip Mega Mart travel portal development, clients get access to a low investment venture with great growth potential. Trip Mega Mart provides first year of free support service for all their sites and thereafter paid annual maintenance service for all sites. This keeps the sites responsive and running at top speed at all times.

GDS integration service for travel related features

No travel website can stand its ground as an online business without providing GDS integration. All Trip Mega Mart sites have GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration. This means that the sites will collect live data from different supplier sites and display it all at once on the travel portal. This convenience for customers is the major draw for online travel portals. Similarly other booking engines like car rental systems and holiday package systems also run on the same principle.

Of course, the presence of these direct reservation features requires that the portals have their own payment system. This system is protected with different security and privacy protection layers.

Other features that make Trip Mega Mart stand out

An exciting feature of Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions is the intuitive design of the use-interface. This allows everyone to use the site with ease and makes the business immediately accessible to a much wider customer base.

The designs on all Trip Mega Mart sites are also quite unique. The customization at the initial stage helps identify a site from its other white label counterparts, but it is only with the incorporation of special design requests from the client, that the sites get their unique visual aesthetic.

The admin access controls of Trip Mega Mart sites are another major attraction. These features allow the business owners themselves to modify certain data available on their website without having to concern themselves with software coding changes.

Trip Mega Mart travel agency software also has the ability incorporate individual travel agent portals within it for easier business workflow.

So, we find that whatever the scale or type of travel business you envision, with Trip Mega Mart it is completely possible to get started within just a few weeks and with very little capital. The business will run practically on its own with only some minor marketing assistance from the business owner.

Posted on 27-Sep-2021

Travel Portal Solution in Democratic Republic of the Congo