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How to Choose the Best Travel Technology Solutions Company

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Do you dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur one day? The travel industry can be a great place to start your business journey. It is a growing market with huge potential and online travel businesses now have access to customers worldwide. But it is not always possible for all start-ups to build their own travel portals.

For entrepreneurs who do not have the budget or the technical expertise to develop their own online travel portals, it is best to take up the services of a travel technology company. They will provide a fully functional website at an affordable price that the business owner has to market and build into a successful brand.

Travel portal design and development company

If you have looked up how to choose the best travel technology solutions company then you must have come across the name Trip Mega Mart. Trip Mega Mart is the one of the most highly reputed travel portal development companies worldwide. They are particularly known for their white label travel portal solutions. White label travel portals are pre-built website frameworks that have various travel related functionalities built in. This website is then customized individually for different clients.

Trip Mega Mart travel portals have GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration. The portals have flight booking engines and hotel booking engines that display real time information from various airline suppliers and hotel suppliers. This feature is very convenient for customers since they are saved the trouble of having to visit different supplier’s pages one by one. This similar function is used to run car rental systems and tour package systems as well on Trip Mega Mart portals.

Customers pay for their hotel, flight, cars, tours and more with the help of a payment gateway built into the Trip Mega Mart portal. This payment gateway has various security features to ensure customer privacy and is also designed to be quick responding. Trip Mega Mart portals are developed in a way that allows for easy integration with many popular third-party payment gateways. This is very useful for customers as they can most likely always find their own preferred payment method.

Another major advantage of Trip Mega Mart white label travel portals is that these portals can be scaled-up or scaled-down according to the business owner’s own preference. The business owner can choose to operate their website at a local level or allow international visitors to also access the services of their portal.

Trip Mega Mart travel technology solutions are designed to operate with the same effectiveness on different kinds of devices (mobile/laptop/desktop/tablet). This makes it very easy for the business owners to appeal to all customers since there is no need to purchase a separate mobile application for their business.

Business owners who use Trip Mega Mart to start online travel business agency get some control over their website front-end after it goes live.This means that business owners and employees who have the admin access codes for the website can modify the list of services offered by their brand when the website is live. No software code changes are needed to implement these periodic changes.

Web designing requirements to keep in mind to start travel business online

A white label travel portal cannot thrive in a competitive online market if it cannot stand out from its industry competitors. In order to ensure this, Trip Mega Mart customizes every single portal with the branding and business logo and business name of the client business. Brand awareness creation is extremely important for the successful marketing of any online business.

Trip Mega Mart design teams also focus heavily on making sure that it is very easy to use their portals. Marketing campaigns can drive traffic to the business, but clients are retained due to the intuitive user-interface and variety of functional features offered by Trip Mega Mart portals. People from all walks of life can easily figure out how to use a Trip Mega Mart white label travel portal.

Travel portal development cost for a customized Trip Mega Mart white label portal

A Trip Mega Mart travel portal is generally very reasonably priced and the cost involved is much lower than setting a physical travel agency office. There are a few different pricing plans and different functional features are covered under each plan. Clients can request some modifications to this list of features, but it may require some extra payment.

Individual travel agent portals are also available and can be integrated with the main travel agency website of a business with a very minor extra payment. The main recurring cost for Trip Mega Mart clients is their annual maintenance fee, which is calculated to be around 25% of the website plan to be yearly.

Trip Mega Mart websites are low investment, but if they are utilized properly clients can earn massive profits even after subtracting the annual maintenance fee. So, if you feel like you have a passion for travel and want to become an independent business owner, then call Trip Mega Mart today to book your first travel portal consultation.

Posted on 01-Oct-2018

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