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Start Travel Agency Business in Dammam

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Dammam is one of the most charming cities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that is also much less explored than the other parts of the country. The city is valued by travelers for its heritage sites as well as a rich culture. The beautiful desert of the city offers many interesting entertainment opportunities to travelers that keep them engaged to the charm of the city.

There are many other cities in the UAE that are also famous among travelers. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Khor Fakkan, Umm al-Quwain, and Sharjah are the names of some of the popular tourist destinations in the country. Each of these cities have unique features that give travelers the scope to rejoice in the treasure of the country and keep returning to this place. This, in turn, allows travel agents to successfully start travel business online and make abundant profits. As travelers arrive from different corners of the world, it is important that you have an online means of conducting your travel business, such as a travel portal.

Features of Travel Portals

There are many different features of travel portals and useful tools for travel businesses around the world. By hiring a skilled travel technology company like Trip Mega Mart, you can ensure that you enjoy the benefits to the fullest.

Instant Booking

A  travel agency software comes with advanced technology that allows you to process booking requests of your customers instantly. You can connect customers to different service providers and enable them to check the availability of the services even for future dates. Customers can also compare the prices quoted by the service providers so that they can choose the one that they find more appropriate for themselves. With Trip Mega Mart you can partner with leading service providers and offer more variety to your customers.

Virtual Experience

Portals connect customers with various hotel booking engine and can offer a virtual tour of the property. This feature is useful for letting customers make informed decisions. By gaining a 360 degree of the property, customers can understand the property better and decide whether or not to go with it. Moreover, virtual experiences are helpful in understanding the other amenities that customers can expect from their booking of any travel product.


With portals, you can keep your customers updated about changes in their booking or your services through email notifications. Trip Mega Mart allows agents to send booking confirmation details to their customers with their chosen mode of communication. This means you can provide all details to your customers over the email.


Another useful feature of a travel portal solution is that you can make it accessible to your customers in all the popularly spoken languages. Effectiveness of this feature lies in ensuring that your portal reaches the customers in the most effective way. You can add this feature to your portal with Trip Mega Mart.

How To Start Travel Agency Business in Dammam?

Starting a travel agency requires some important procedures.

Plan Your Domain - Whether or not you want to create B2B & B2C travel website/portal and cater to both the end customers as well as business providers is something that you need to decide beforehand so that you can write your business plan clearly.

Choose Travel Products - Products that you want to sell to your customers must be determined based on your niche as well as the current industry demand. A holiday package system is a popular product that most travelers seek. But add this to your business only if you have interest in this domain along with the required skill sets to cater to it.

Hire Technicians - Another important consideration needed to start travel agency online is hiring experienced individuals who can work on building an effective portal for your business. Expert portal developers like Trip Mega Mart can help you to design your portal in the most appropriate way to meet all your business purposes.

With the right approach that includes hiring experts to build your travel portal and determining the product that you would like to offer; you can start your travel business in Dammam quite easily. If you choose to operate with travel portals, your journey to setting up a travel agency can become even better.

Posted on 24-Apr-2024

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