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Start Online Travel Agency Business in Oman

Start Online Travel Agency Business In Oman

Oman is an Arabic country and Tourism in Oman is increasing continuously. Oman has well maintained the beauty of both flora and fauna and not only this Oman has also maintained their culture. It is definitely a wonderland for many travelers especially for those who have a great interest in geological studies. Due to having so much beauty tourists love to visit here. Oman has some famous Tourists spots as: -

Muscat- As Oman is mostly a dry country as 80% of its land is covered with sand. So spending a night in Muscat is definitely beautiful. 

Wahiba Sands- This is the best place for those people who are looking for the best historical, and authentic place in Oman. 

Ras-al-jinz- This is the place where sea turtles are found in a large population. Here sea turtles of the Indian Ocean are protected. Most often tourists visit during the summer or in the month of May and October because at this time turtle nests are visible.

Musandam Fjords- It is situated in the northern portion. The main key attraction Spots are boat trips through which one can explore the coasts and the beautiful Dolphins and huge flora and fauna.

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Posted on 25-Mar-2013

Travel Portal Development in Oman