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Start Travel Agency Business in Mombasa-Kenya

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A coastal city of Kenya, situated along the Indian Ocean, Mombasa is the oldest and second largest city of the country. This beautiful city is alco commonly known as the blue and white city. With picturesque beaches along with world class resorts to adorn it, the city is a major tourist destination.

Other must-visit city in Kenya is Nairobi, which is also its capital and the largest city there. Nairobi is home to a huge National Park which houses the endangered black rhinos along with giraffes, lions and zebras. A number of safari trips consider Nairobi as a jumping-off point. Kisumu is another city worth a mention. It is situated on Lake Victoria and enjoys breath-taking views from the Dunga Hill Camp and Hippo Point.

Maralal is known to be a market town and is often flocked by visitors from far and near. Eldoret is well-known for its cheese factory along with flowers, textiles, wheat, and corn. Due to this it is an international buyer-seller market. With numerous reasons to visit Kenya, visitors flock in large numbers every year. Starting a travel agency in Mombasa is bound to be a lucrative business option due to this reason.

Setting up a Travel Agency Business in Mombasa: 

  • The Kenyan government promotes tourism in a big way. The tourism ministry aims to increase touristic traffic to its cities in a bigger way in the near future. Given this impetus on tourism, setting up a travel agency business inMombasa right away is a good idea. But how can you do it right away? Won’t you need to setup a travel portal? Build all the integrations from scratch? Won’t that take you a good one year or more?
  • The good news is that you can start travel agency business in Mombasa in as little as a week or in a few days. Trip Mega Mart already provides ready-made travel portals. All the necessary integrations have already been made. All you need to do is purchase one, take help of this company to set it up, and you can start doing business.

A white label website/portal or application must integrate the following APIs:

Clients can set up their business office in their bedroom and run the business with support services from Trip Mega Mart as their business partner. They have the best portfolio of white label frameworks that customers can pick from and get customized for their own business portal. All the sites are quite affordable and there are sites available at various price points. So, Trip Mega Mart is the ideal business partner for those who wish to have a full-fledged online business at very low cost.

White label travel portal benefits: 

  • Website, logo, payment gateway
  • An appealing user interface
  • B2B/B2C module
  • Flight, hotel, bus, and vehicle rental reservations
  • Tour Packages CMS
  • Payment Gateway Convenience fee management
  • Customer reservations dashboard
  • Composing a blog post
  • You may also change content Pages.
  • B2C home page personalization
  • It's automated.
  • Third-party chat support
  • Facebook/Google sign-in
  • Synchronizing email

Trip Mega Mart is well equipped to establish a white label travel portal for enterprising entrepreneurs who jump start their dream business.

The following are characteristics of the online reservation system:

  • It has a quick and adaptable booking engine.
  • It is secure, scalable, and has a solid reservation architecture.
  • It is an entirely bespoke booking engine.
  • It gives Cost-effective solutions.
  • It features an intuitive UI.
  • It incorporates a payment gateway.
  • It supports several languages.

Redesigning travel websites

These days a number of old travel agencies are looking to revamp their websites. As more and more customers start visiting the travel portal solutions of a particular business owner their income also keeps going up. Trip Mega Mart is adept at handling such situation as well. Below are the arenas in which their assistance could be sought.

  • Web design and development
  • Web page redesign
  • Redesigned website.
  • Web revamping.
  • Portal redevelopment.
  • Vacation Packages web and app development

Don’t wait any longer just give yourself a head-start and keep the momentum of your business going with Trip Mega Mart travel portals for the Kenyan market.

Posted on 20-Jun-2024

Travel Portal Development in Kenya