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Start Travel Agency Business in Manama-Bahrain

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Bahrain is a Persian Gulf nation. The island comprises 50 natural and 33 artificial islands, with Bahrain Island making approximately 83% of the landmass. Manama, Riffa, Muharraq, Hamad Town, and A'ali are prominent Bahraini cities. Manama may not have the elegance of Dubai or Doha, but it has its unique appeal. ' The city has many hidden gems. Manama's appeal is unlike its Middle Eastern competitors. The city's gastronomy, art, and culture make it a great vacation spot.

Manama proliferated from a pearling economy to one of the largest oil reserves. The city has excellent hotels, malls, and nightlife: the lovely souqs, artisan market, and National Theatre. Manama has traditional roofs, Machboos and Gahwa, and Bab Al Bahrain. The city's openness and simplicity draw visitors from throughout the world. Bahrain is noted for foreign investment opportunities and tourism growth.

Opportunities in a one-of-a-kind location

Bahrain's tourism is rising following a decline in 2020. Experts believe GCC tourism will return to pre-COVID levels by 2021 and contribute USD 133.6 Billion to the Middle East's GDP by 2028. Never has Bahrain's expanding tourist business been better.

What to prioritize?

  • Bahrain's young population craves unique experiences such as Formula-1 and Ramadan attracting many travelers.
  • Bahrain's beaches are unique and comprises of both private as well as public beaches. Bahrain's beaches provide wellness resorts, sea sports, and animal discovery. As an island, it's ideal for beach and maritime enterprises.
  • Bahrain's vibrant food culture drives tourism. This dynamic business serves rising domestic and international consumers with unique flavors, regional favorites, and worldwide brands for which various established concepts are needed for development projects around the Kingdom.
  • FB & Retail Flagship with an involvement of traditional Souqs, modern retail and entertainment locations along with lifestyle malls with unique themes.
  • Bahrain's rich culture and history and contemporary comforts provide many entertainment opportunities such as boat rentals, museum visits, theater performances, and festivals are popular entertainment options.
  • Ancillary Services such as customer service solutions and secure electronic payment choices.

Do you want to start a travel agency in Manama?

The Investor's Journey in Bahrain

Trip Mega Mart’s team offers the company set up in Bahrain into 3 phases. Trip Mega Mart will get you started. It will assist you in starting online travel business agency with all the required XML, GDS, and hotel and API flight integration as it is the most sought-after travel technology company.

After completing these processes, you may do business in Bahrain and get its rewards. Ideal location, business-friendly climate, 0% company tax. They can help you start a Bahrain business.

1. Getting started

Determine the needed paperwork using our "Starting Your Business" tool. Having your documentation ready can help you receive approvals.

Contact Trip Mega Mart to start travel agency business setup in Manama.

2. Initial approvals

Regulators will approve:

  • The company name must be original and fascinating, choosing from various name-choice resources. Your English and Arabic names must be approved.
  • Owners, shareholders, directors. These individuals will be your business's basis, so locate those with similar ambitions.
  • The organization. Registration, insurance, and terms & conditions are affected by the structure. These include WLL and Foreign Branch.
  • Once authorized, you'll get a Commercial Registration Certificate.
  • With initial clearance, you may begin setting up, including:
  • Banking. Set up a bank account early so you may start financial activities.
  • Office leasing. Bahrain has excellent office spaces. The diplomatic area is fantastic for financial services organizations, while Seef Area is great for tourism and recreation.
  • Hire Bahrainis. Bahrain's workforce is well-educated. Bahraini workers can advance your business.

You can't do business or hire foreign workers until Step 3 is accomplished.

3. Finalizing licenses and approvals

During this phase, you may:

  • Get Municipal permissions
  • Get regulatory and licensing clearances.
  • Pay licenses, permits
  • Notarize and sign the company's Articles of Association/Memorandum of Association
  • Deposit the company's paid-up capital.
  • You will indicate your activity licenses on the Commercial Registration Certificate.
  • Authorized signature must be present.

Talk with Trip Mega Mart's crew.

Trip Mega Mart's Bahrain agents worldwide can answer your queries regarding investing in Bahrain.

Trip Mega Mart, backed with years of experience, can help you to integrate Flight & Hotel API integration, GDS Integration Service and a reliable travel agency software

Posted on 10-Jun-2024

Start Travel Agency Business in Bahrain