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White Label Travel Portal in Nairobi-Kenya

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Kenya, located in East Africa, is home to a variety and rich flora and wildlife. It is well-known for its annual wild beast migration. Visitors from all over the world visit the Masai Mara reserve and the Amboseli National Park. Kenya is renowned for its adventurous sports and relaxing activities along the seaside. Kenya's four cities are Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and the newly incorporated city of Nakuru.

Nairobi, Kenya's capital and largest metropolis, encourages ideological diversity and enhanced adventure. Between 1899 and 1907, the town expanded from a railway workers' camp to the capital of British East Africa. Today, its excellent and well-informed museums bring to life a rich history, tribal culture, and way of life. The Karen Blixen Museum, in particular, is one of the most popular - not only do Africans come to admire and appreciate the museum, but visitors from all over the world come to see the famous Danish author who lived on a coffee plantation in the gorgeous Ngong Hills. Even in a busy metropolis like Nairobi, wildlife attracts a lot. Nairobi, the world's only cosmopolitan metropolis with its safari park, is the only city with such a feature.

It is a wonderful destination to visit, and it is reasonable to contemplate white label travel portal construction for Nairobi-based travel enterprises. Trip Mega Mart can help those who want to start their white label travel site.

White label travel portal

A white label travel portal or website allows travel agencies to book and sell services such as flights, holidays, hotels, buses, car rentals, etc. The agents may provide these services fast and efficiently by using a white label travel site. They may also manage online payment transactions while keeping the firm running smoothly.

Because of the desire for instant satisfaction, travel agents have access to customized, ready-to-use travel websites. These widely accessible travel platforms are incredibly user-friendly. They are, however, only applicable to travel agents with limited resources who cannot obtain a tailored travel technology solution.

The role of a white label travel website

Trip Mega Mart's white label travel portal solutions in the travel API field imply that the agency may use third-party software while keeping the third party's travel company. A white label solution might include anything from hotel and travel searches to payment gateways. The white label travel portal is an online booking engine that allows you to book flights, hotels, transfers, tours, and holiday packages.

The online reservation system provides the following features:

• It is efficient and adaptable.

• It is secure, and its reservation system is reliable.

• You may entirely customize it to the needs of the agent.

• It must be able to offer cost-effective solutions.

• The user interface should be simple and easy to comprehend.

• It should support payment gateway integration.

• It must support a variety of languages.

How can Nairobi-based travel companies develop a white label travel portal?

Trip Mega Mart is a White Label Travel Portal Development business that helps develop B2B and B2C travel websites and portals. Its white label solution provides a choice of city searches for flights that partner with its white label solution and different currencies in multiple languages. Trip Mega Mart, therefore, improves your global travel offerings. Furthermore, the company provides B2B and B2C quick connections with payment gateways for online payment processing.

A travel company must integrate the following APIs into a white label website/portal or application:

Airline suppliers

Hotel suppliers

• Bus reservations

Flight Booking Engine

Hotel Booking Engine

Car Rental System

Flight and Hotel Central Reservation System

Holiday Package System

Furthermore, white label travel portal websites and applications must have secure API solutions that provide GDS Integration services, such as GDS, XML, and API Flight & Hotel Integration.

Trip Mega Mart provides low-cost white-label portal solutions. It is beneficial for travel agents with a limited budget and time to build a white label travel portal who want a strong web presence. The team of Trip Mega Mart guarantees that the Travel Website Development Costs do not exceed the budgeted amount, allowing the company to remain viable.

Kenya is ready to accept anyone interested in creating white label travel websites for Nairobi-based travel enterprises. Contact Trip Mega Mart right now.

Posted on 10-Aug-2022

Travel Portal Development in Kenya