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Opportunities to Create a Successful Travel Portal Company in Nigeria

Opportunities To Create A Successful Travel Portal Company In Nigeria

Nigeria has a booming tourism industry, with nearly 9% of its GDP coming from the sector. There are plenty of opportunities for the young, ambitious, innovative entrepreneurs to become a part of this growing market. At present, all one needs is a travel portal solution to start a travel business online. 

Basic Requirements 

An online travel portal can access customers both domestically as well as internationally. Every year Nigeria hosts more than 10 million international tourists. But in order to attract tourists to a travel portal, the portal needs to have some basic features. All travel agency software needs to be equipped with GDS integration services. GDS API integration allows customers to use the flight booking engine and hotel booking engine of the travel portal to get real-time data. But not all websites can be integrated with GDS APIs. API suppliers have specific website development requirements that have to be met. 

So, the easiest and most affordable method to gain ownership of a GDS API compliant travel portal is to purchase the portal from a white label travel portal development company. A white label travel portal is integrated with GDS API. The website is then customized to fit the travel business’s brand name and logo and their specialized business requirements. 

Choose the Right Company 

One of the most experienced and reputed names among travel portal development companies is Trip Mega Mart. They create B2B and B2C travel websites which can be purchased directly by travel businesses. 

The USP of white label travel websites is the fact that they are already technologically completely equipped. The success of the business is almost halfway guaranteed. The entrepreneur just needs to find a way to successfully direct customers to their portal. 


The travel portal development cost on Trip Mega Mart is also very reasonable. Their websites are available at different price points according to the number of features being provided. The average cost for B2C travel portals is around 3,81,000 NGN. Annually clients have to pay 25% of their website development cost to keep the GDS integration running. They also develop travel mobile applications to make the travel business accessible from all devices. 

There are many ways to enter the world of travel businesses. There many companies that develop travel portals with different features and prices. But it is important to choose a reliable and efficient company to assist in the process of entering the travel and tourism world. A good website is the foundation stone of any online travel business. Without an effective and interactive portal, no travel business can survive. 

Posted on 29-Jun-2024

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