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Why Travel Agencies Are Failing Without Travel Tech And How To Fix Them

Why Travel Agencies Are Failing Without Travel Tech And How To Fix Them

Today the tech world has advanced so much that people who are not that tech savvy are falling behind. The same goes to travel agencies without any digital identity. It is really tough to keep up with just an offline identity when the whole world is booking effortlessly from online platforms. How to get develop a website is the first question in anyone’s mind. And it’s not very difficult to get the work done once you know the process or whom to contact for your help. Here is how to keep up with the new age technology and create a working website for yourself that takes bookings through its own portal.

Starting an Online Company

To Create B2B & B2C Travel website/portal most of the people hire Travel Portal Development Companies to do the job on their behalf. But you can also do it on your own. Here are the steps you will need to follow.

  • Buy a Domain: The first step towards going online is buying a domain for yourself. To Start travel business online this is the first step for you. While buying a domain, you must keep in mind, the traffic you expect to receive on your website. It is good to use cloud based servers for high traffic but you should never go below 1 GB RAM. That way your website will have low chances of crashing.
  • Design your website: A well designed website always attracts more customers, so a well-designed website will give your customers something more to linger on and in the process, make your commissions go up higher every time they buy a service from you.
  • GDS Integration Service: GDS or Global Distribution System is a technology that world-wide hotels and airlines use to come under a single and unified platform of booking. Using a GDS service will let you link your website with all Hotel Suppliers and Airline Suppliers over the world.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a very crucial part in building your website. It is the way the search engine recognises the relevance of your website to any searched query from a customer. This is how your customers find you. The right SEO can boost up your search traffic manyfold.
  • Advertisements: The final boost that your website might need may not come fully from SEO. This is where advertisements will help you reach your potential to the fullest.

After You Finish Building your Website

After You Finish Building your Website expect a rise in customers. Expect world-wide queries. You will see that a simple Flight & Hotel API integration will reduce human errors of booking. This will in turn reduce your company cost as AI will take over. If you are unable to do this on your own then there are many Travel Portal Development Companies to help you get the job done.

Travel Portal Solution companies help you start a website from scratch. The main task of any travel portal solution is to provide booking engines and GDS Integration Service but they can develop the whole website if you want them to.

The Best Travel Portal Solution for you

A good Travel Portal Development Company will keep your travel portal development cost low while providing a good and dynamic system at the same time. Trip Mega Mart has a reputation of about a decade in the business and more than 900 customers. Today, fraudulent companies in the internet are looking to scam anyone they find and so it is important that you trust companies with reputation.

Trip Mega Mart is a White label Travel Portal Development company and the system they provide are dynamic enough to respond to any customer queries within seconds. This is very important as a less dynamic website will keep customers waiting and in the process be a detracting factor.

The Travel Website/Portal Development cost is also a factor to consider. 1000 USD is comparatively too low when it comes to other companies charging 2400 USD for the same work. This includes 24*7 tech support for the whole year.

So, get your tech job done, start your website and get at par with others with your travel business.

Posted on 28-Jun-2024

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