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White Label Travel Portal in New York

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Make use of the Big Apple’s tourism potential

New York is one of the most fascinating cities in the entire world. With a very eclectic group of people from all over the world making this city their home, New York has become a mix of various cultures from all over the globe. The Empire State Building, Central Park and other New York spots have become internationally renowned tourist destinations.

People plan all their lives to visit this city and spend time among the rich, famous and glamorous people who populate this city. From NY, tourists can also take flights to other parts of the United States of America and enjoy popular tourist hubs like Las Vegas, Las Angeles, Boston, Chicago, etc. New York’s tourism potential is immense and will keep on growing even further in the future. It is easier now than ever before for entrepreneurs to capitalize on this potential with the help of white label travel portals in New York.

Understanding White Label Travel Portal Developmentin New York

Let us first try to understand how white label travel portals make it easier for travel entrepreneurs to set up their business. A white label travel portal is much less expensive than a brand new website that has to be developed by a team of professional software developers. White label travel portals are basically customized sites built out of a pre-existing format. Companies sell these customized formats at a much lower cost than new websites. Trip Mega Mart has established itself as the top travel portal development company of USA.

Trip Mega Mart provides a number of facilities alongside the white label format. Trip Mega Mart clients get a year of free support with their purchase. After a year, the support service continues under the purview of a mandatory annual maintenance fee that all clients have to pay. This annual fee is also minimal and only 25% of the cost of the basic website.

Trip Mega Mart creates B2B and B2C travel websites that are compatible with all devices. Clients will not have to spend more on getting separate mobile applications for their e-commerce business. Trip Mega Mart sites are also high-speed and respond very quickly to all commands even when there is a high flow of traffic to the site.

But the most interesting feature of Trip Mega Mart is that the sites all have a unique look despite being built out of the same portfolio of formats. Trip Mega Mart customizes each one with the business name and logo of the client and adds design elements according to the client’s preference. Basic customizations are included within the cost of the website but any additional theme changes require small extra fees.

Trip Mega Mart also provides a number of admin access features that make it easier for business owners to gain control over their business and its scale of operations. Clients can control whether they want to serve local/regional/international clientele and they also get to control some basic website content without having to resort to any code changes.

Flight and Hotel Central Reservation System Trip Mega Mart

GDS integration service from top level suppliers is an essential feature of all Trip Mega Mart travel portals. The sites come with a real time flight booking engine and hotel booking engine that’s easy to use and show all the available options from popular flight suppliers and hotel suppliers.

There are also car rental systems and holiday package systems all of which are designed to be extremely user-friendly. The UX/UI for all Trip Mega Mart sites is intuitive for ease of access of all customers.

There is also a payment portal that comes with Trip Mega Mart sites so that customers can pay for their flight, hotel or car bookings. This payment portal has multiple safety and privacy features and the sites are also compatible with easy third-party payment system integrations.

Individual travel agent portals, flexible features management, robust back-end, etc are some other most important features of Trip Mega Mart.

If you want to take part in New York’s thriving travel and tourism industry, if you feel that you can transform a small initial investment into a successful business, then white label travel portal solutions are the best option for you. Just book your first consultation today and get your site delivered within seven days of placing the order.

Posted on 19-Dec-2022

White Label Travel Portal in USA