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White Label Travel Portal in Zanzibar-Tanzania

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The picturesque island of Zanzibar is also known as Unguja. It is the main island in the archipelago of islands of Tanzania. It has been a trade center since long and has numerous mosques situated there. With cultural centers, forts and palaces, Zanzibar is a mix of history combined with exotic beaches.

Tanzania has a number of cities that are worth a mention as they have grown tremendously during the past few years. Dar es Salam is the commercial port, financial hub and a major city of Tanzania. Mwanza is another port city of Tanzania. On one side it is set on the shores of Lake Viktoria and on the other side it is surrounded by enormous hills thereby adding to its natural beauty.

Arusha is a city known for its location on the base of the volcanic Mt. Meru. It is the starting point of all safaris and also to Africa’s highest mountain peak, Mount Kilimanjaro. All these cities have a mix of Indian, Arabic and African cultures all wrapped into one.

With so much to offer to tourists from all over the world, Zanzibar is a hot spot for travelers. Starting an online travel agency with a well-equipped travel portal is a lucrative business plan. Let’s see how one can go about materializing this plan.

Design and Development of a Travel Website in Zanzibar

B2B and B2C travel portals can utilize Trip Mega Mart's services, including website design and development, API access for hotel and airline suppliers, vacation package systems, and flight and hotel central reservation system connection. The tourist industry in Zanzibar can gain from Trip Mega Mart's global reach.

Trip Mega Mart utilizes APIs to develop and manage a complete travel portal that combines Zanzibar's most modern travel technology solutions. The business provides maintenance services 24 hours a day to guarantee users access to the most updated information.

It may not be easy to open a travel agency online in Zanzibar, therefore Trip Mega Mart facilitates the creation of travel websites.

Trip Mega Mart provides free support service for the first year after website purchase and from the second year onwards the maintenance fee is levied. But delivery of the website is usually completed in less than a week and almost immediately the website owner will be able to start earning from the portal. Trip Mega Mart also engages in re-designing pre-existing travel websites to make then up-to-date with the current trends.

What do travelers expect from a travel franchise in Zanzibar?

Travelers want a response, proactive, personable, and highly-available travel franchise. Remember that international travelers may have lots of questions, concerns, and even apprehensions when visiting a place that they haven’t visited before. So, when you start travel agency business online, you can put up a website that represents your business. Travel franchise opportunities in Zanzibar are either won or lost depending on the quality of the site.

• A travel portal can have flight booking, bus booking, taxi booking, rail booking sections.

• Hotel booking, integrations with third-party accommodation booking providers.

• Integration with vacation rental homes, private cottage accommodations etc.

• International travel portal development inZanzibar is also about integration with currency exchange service providers, banking, credit card, financial services.

• Integration with travel insurance, travel help desk, travel advisory, government websites.

• Personal accounts for individual travelers; personalized content, personalized retail services.

• Travel portal solution online inZanzibar can have an events section with integration with events booking APIs, events service providers.

• Integration with third-party safari, exotic tours, exotic culinary experiences, wildlife tours providers.

• Question and answers section; forums, blogs, grievances section, survey section.

All of these customizations can be provided solely by Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions, the best White Label Travel Portal Development Company inZanzibar. The platform is built to scale and has all the bearings for setting up a travel agency business. This is a travel solution portal that can accommodate as many integrations as required. This type of travel website development will be tailored as per the business requirements. In future, if there is service expansion, no need to change the travel portal. Simply extend it with more integrations without disrupting existing functions.

Posted on 16-Aug-2021

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