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Importance of Going Online with Own Travel Portal for Travel Agents

Importance Of Going Online With Own Travel Portal For Travel Agents .png

Tours and travels businesses provide employment to a large number of people. Travel agents and travel agencies used to dominate this sector of the economy. But in recent years online travel portals are taking over the market. It is now becoming essential for travel agents to also shift their business online in order to survive.

Start travel business online

The first step in starting an online travel business is to create a B2B or B2C travel website. This website needs to provide real-time information regarding different travel related needs. This can be achieved through a GDS integration service. But it is often difficult develop a travel website that can meet all the requirements of GDS API suppliers. For this reason, many travel agents prefer to take up services of a white label travel portal development company.

A white label travel portal development company creates white label travel portals for sale. These white label travel portals are just travel websites with GDS integration in-built to operate flight booking engines and hotel booking engines. A travel agent just purchases a white label travel portal and the travel portal development company customizes the website with the name and brand logo of the travel agent or travel business.

This allows travel agents and entrepreneurs without any technical skills to also create their own online businesses.

Best companies for travel agency software development

There are quite a few popular names in the travel website development category, but one of the most experienced and respected names in the business is Trip Mega Mart.

Cost of travel portal development

Developing a website can be a very expensive process as it requires in-depth technical skills. But white label travel websites somewhat reduce the cost of website development. Trip Mega Mart is one of the most economical choices among travel website design and development companies. Their products are a perfect blend of quality and affordability.

  • There are different website plans
  • Each plan has a different price point
  • As the price goes up the features available also become more exclusive
  • The average cost of a white label portal is 1000$. There are more expensive plans as well as some plans that are cheaper than this.
  • Customers can make some additional payments to add some special features to their website plan
  • Travel agents can start their own online travel business, or they can add individual travel agent portals to any B2B pr B2C website with a little bit of extra payment.
  • Customers are charged an annual maintenance fee for their white label portal. This charge is primarily for continued service from the GDS API supplier. The fee is 25% of the basic website plan.

There are very few things in life as rewarding as watching a business grow to its full potential. Online travel portals are low investment enterprises which makes it possible for travel agents to experience this satisfaction for themselves. Travel agents with established customer bases can direct their clients to their online platform. This will provide the base for the new online business. As word of mouth spreads and marketing campaigns are implemented the website will begin to attract even more traffic. New entrepreneurs with no existing clientele can also create their own online travel business by innovative application of digital marketing techniques.

Posted on 23-Mar-2015

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