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How travel technology helps you to make a brand in travel industry

How Travel Technology Helps You To Make A Brand In Travel Industry.png

Travel technology is currently not an afterthought. It has become a bare necessity. With the increase in Internet penetration, more people are using Internet based travel services. Even traditional travel agencies that relied on manual paperwork based documentation are using online portals to manage their processes.

Many of these travel agencies have transitioned to Trip Mega Mart travel technology to help them create B2B & B2C travel website/portal. It is because this is the only travel portal development company that can provide 360 degrees travel technology solutions. From integrations, to mobile apps, to flight booking systems, and admin panels, this travel solution company can build the simplest solutions for even the most complex of travel use cases.

What are the features of a travel technology solution that can help a travel agency increase its business prospects?

Reservation management

Managing reservations is a complex process. Those wishing to start travel business online must be aware of this fact. Travel agencies may use automation, but the automation solution may not suffice given the associated complexity. It is for this reason that travel agencies are using Trip Mega Mart White Label Travel Portal Development solutions to fulfill their reservation management needs. Either as a module of a travel portal or a full-fledged standalone application, a reservation management system has helped travel agencies solve many of the common riddles in reservation.

Talking about complexity; assume a situation where a traveler reserves accommodations across multiple venues and countries. The traveler could change reservations while in transit, especially if there is a geopolitical issue, and this could warrant a change of plan. The reservation management system should be able to manage this change in an automated way. Without automation, the entire process would collapse. Simply because not just one, but thousands of travelers might be changing their reservations or modifying them.

So, a reservation management system that combines flight, car rental, accommodation, and bus rental booking can do travelers a world of good. The reservation system can act as a common engine for a travel agency’s flight booking engine, hotel booking engine, travel agency software, car rental system, holiday package system, and flight & hotel central reservation system.

It can also increase the travel agency’s business prospects. Anyone planning to start online travel business agency can use a reservation management system too – a cloud-based one is the trend nowadays. Automated solutions are always preferred by travelers who want to avoid wasting time waiting to talk to customer service representatives or awaiting email responses to their queries.

Itinerary creation

Not all travelers have fixed itineraries. It could change during travel. A travel agency can provide a travel portal or a travel app built by Trip Mega Mart travel website/portal design & development company where travelers can manage such changes. Some travelers might not have enough information to create an itinerary. Although they would have decided on the location to travel to, they might need assistance on creating an itinerary.

Automated solutions can fill this need by creating an itinerary for such travelers. The creation of the itinerary can be based on inputs from travelers, their budget, the number of people traveling, the duration of their travel, their preferences, habits etc. Trip Mega Mart can build such a system at low travel website/portal development cost.

Itinerary creation and modification is a complex process. It involves many variables. The development of an itinerary creation module can complete change the business prospects of a travel agency for the better. But only a handful of travel portal development companies can provide automation in this regard. Of them, Trip Mega Mart travel website/portal development company leads as the number one travel solutions firm with a track record of delivering path-breaking travel portal technologies that brought success to customers.

Virtual assistance

Travelers love it when they can ask a virtual assistant for directions, instead of people. An automated virtual assistance records the current GPS location of the traveler. Based on this information, the virtual assistance suggests routes to the traveler’s intended destination. Travelers are saved from interacting with the locals especially if there is a language problem, which is generally the case most times than not.

Automated virtual assistance by way of self-learning chatbots is a technological paradigm that is changing the way customer service is rendered. A travel agency can use Trip Mega Mart travel mobile application development company services for this. An automated virtual assistant based on AI and ML technologies can be built to offer round the clock comprehensive traveler information and guidance.


Travel technology is an area of focus that has no boundaries. It is unending and has enormous potential. A travel agency can leverage travel solutions to increase engagement with travelers, provide seasonal and perennial services with better efficiency, allow more choices for travelers, and build long lasting relationships with their customers.

Posted on 02-Apr-2018

Travel Portal Development