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Start your own Online Travel Agency with White Label Software

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If you are looking to start a travel portal, there a few things you should keep in mind. Setting your long-term goals would be a good way to start. There are many features that you should look into, such as the travel agency software you are using to develop your online travel agency business.

You must then understand what add on features you would like to have, there are a plethora of choices- Flight Booking Engine, Hotel Booking Engine, Travel Agency Software, Tourism Portal Development, Holiday Package System, Car Rental System, Flight & Hotel Central Reservation System, GDS Integration Service and so on.  

The next step would be to know what type of module your travel agency uses. The most common in India is B2B or business to business.

There is one company that will help you cover all these steps- "Trip Mega Mart". This is a Travel Portal Development Company that offers services under the B2B and B2Cmodules. It uses white label travel development company software for its operations and is very easy to use.

if you are planning to start travel agency online, consider the following steps for a smooth process-

     Survey the market for potential competitors

     Decide on your area of interest

     List your unique services

     Decide on the target audience

     Hire a team of experts

     Build a website

While you can manage most of the steps single-handedly, building a website will require experts in tourism portal development. And this is because it is from this step that you turn your idea into action. Anything that goes wrong here will overshadow your efforts in the preceding steps.

Trip Mega Mart is a travel portal development company that can build you a website through which you can offer various services to the customers. For instance, you can offer customers a holiday package system. Or, you can list the hotel suppliers available at a place. Hence, with them, you can cater to the different needs of customers.

Online travel agencies are easy to start. Just buy your domain and Create B2B & B2C Travel website/portal. You will have to design your website in a very professional manner so that it attracts customers. Your Tourism Portal Development should be equipped with a GDS, XML & API Flight & Hotel Integration system to ease customers with their booking. If you are unsure how to integrate everything into your website, then consider contacting a White label Travel Portal Development company to do the job. A name that I could suggest you is Trip Mega Mart. They can take care of your Travel Portal Solution and also have a good support system to back it up with. The websites they create and the API used are really good and very responsive. So if you are thinking of starting a travel agency online, then I would recommend you to contact these people and ask for an expert solution.

Hotel Booking Engine and Flight Booking Engines are now very easy to incorporate in your website with the advent of API. This way, without any actual resource, you can just connect and earn your commission. The Travel Agency Software developed by White label Travel Portal Development companies is equipped with GDS Integration Service and thus, they are very good for people who want to book online under one roof.

One such name that I can vouch for is Trip Mega Mart. They have a very good reputation and have handled more that 900 customers. The system the provide you is also very dynamic and responds very quickly. GDS, XML & API Flight & Hotel Integration services offered by them are really very helpful. If you get stuck somewhere, then they have this awesome customer care system to help you our any time. So if you are thinking of building a hotel and flight booking company, then consider seeing trip mega mart.

If you are looking to develop a B2C business, then you are directly dealing with the end users. I presume that you already know how this business works, so all your B2B contacts from the net will come into play here. The Airline Suppliers and Hotel Suppliers can be accommodated in your website through your GDS, XML & API Flight & Hotel Integration system. what you have to do it to connect all your contacts in real-time to your website through your GDS Integration Service and you are good to go.

Your customers would want to book live and so your system needs to be dynamic. I would recommend you to visit Trip Mega Mart if you do not know where to start from. These guys are an awesome White label Travel Portal Development company. They also have a pretty good after sales service so you can be sure to get good results if you are booking with them.

Posted on 02-Oct-2017

White Label Travel Portal Development