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Start Travel Agency Business in Harare

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Give your customers the chance to be mesmerized by the beauty of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is an African country known for its breathtaking views. The Victoria Falls is one of the most beautiful locations in the world and every year millions flock to Zimbabwe only to experience this site. Harare is the capital of the country and has its own unique beauty. It has a number of wildlife safaris for tourists to enjoy. The city also houses the National Gallery of Zimbabwe with pieces in it produced by some of the most well-known artists in the country.

Other cities in Zimbabwe with their own tourism potential include Bulawayo, Mutare, Gweru and more. Young business minds in the country are now looking to start travel agency businesses in Harare in order to leverage the country’s tourism industry for the growth of the national economy. They are building online businesses out of travel portal solutions to reach out to domestic as well as international clientele.

Create B2B and B2C travel websites to reach out to maximum number of customers at minimum cost

Online travel portal solutions can be a little expensive and time-consuming to build for business owners who are not software coders themselves. They will have to hire a team of software engineers to build the site for them.

Instead a much cheaper and faster solution for these business owners is to purchase a white label portal. White label travel portal development refers to a process in which the same basic website format is customized for different brands and different clients.

Trip Mega Mart is the top travel portal development company in Zimbabwe as their white label portals end up being completely unique operational businesses at the time of delivery.

Buying your very own online business platform from Trip Mega Mart:

•  Trip Mega Mart has a catalogue of white label travel portals that clients can scroll through to find one with the features and designs that they want

•  Trip Mega Mart will then add the business name and branding of the client’s company to this site

•  Clients can even modify the basic website theme they have chosen and add or remove features and design elements by paying a small extra fee

•  Finally, the completed site will be delivered to the client within a few days’ time

•  A Trip Mega Mart dedicated consultant will guide the client through the entire purchase process and help them make their payment

•  The sites are generally very reasonably priced and are a low-cost alternative to new sites. There is also one year of free support service with each purchase

•  From the second year of purchase onwards all business owner clients have to pay an annual maintenance fee which is around 15% of the total cost of the website

Trip Mega Mart travel agency software is a robust online business that can handle high traffic flows with great efficiency. Clients just have to build some marketing campaigns and social media ads that will generate interest in their brand. Very soon they will be able to rake in a lot of profits from a business that they can run from their bedroom.

Why do customers love Trip Mega Mart developed portals?

Trip Mega Mart portals have a variety of booking engines like flight booking engines, hotel booking engines, car rental systems and holiday package systems which all work using GDS integration service that compiles real-time data from a number of suppliers. Customers do not have to visit the sites of each of these suppliers separately and can enjoy the travel planning process through one single portal. They can also pay for all these services through a payment portal that is built into Trip Mega Mart sites.

Trip Mega Mart is good to the business owners as well. They get to choose the scale of operations of their site, they do not have to spend on different applications for different devices (Trip Mega Mart sites are multi-device compatible) and they also get a whole range of admin controls that can be run without making coding modifications.

So, do not waste any more time and book your first Trip Mega Mart appointment right away and become a significant contributor to Zimbabwe’s tourism sector.

Posted on 29-Jan-2024

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