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Benefits of B2B Travel Portal Development for Travel Business

Benefits Of B2b Travel Portal Development For Travel Business

Travel portals are a marketplace where customers can connect with agents for conveniently planning their trips. Agents willing to start online travel business agency can find great help in travel portals. If you are looking for other business providers as your customers, you can opt for a B2B travel portal and enjoy the many different benefits that the travel portal can provide you with.

Benefits of B2B Travel Portal Development for Travel Business

Developing a B2B portal for your travel business can provide several benefits.


When you offer such services to customers as a holiday package system, bothyou and your customers need to spend time on choosing the right services. You need to provide a list of hotels and other products to the customers. Once they make their choice, you need to contact the service providers and confirm the reservation. This entire process could get be time consuming. But not with travel portals. Service providers can list their products directly on your portal. They can also confirm booking requests without involving you or other manual resources. An efficient portal designed by experts like Trip Mega Mart can automate several other crucial tasks of your travel business.


GDS integration service is one important feature of travel portals that makes them extremely useful. You can integrate your B2B portal with popular airline suppliers and let them offer their services to travelers. You can collaborate with a variety of travel service providers using a portal. Being available on the internet, your customers can have a better chance of being found by the end users. This would give them a fair reason to conduct business with your travel agency. Integration to diverse search engines can also give you an opportunity to expand your business and attract customers from different countries.

Cost Effective

A well-built travel agency software can be a great return of your investment. You can do a lot more with an online travel portal. You can reach out to more service providers and gain more customers with a portal. Opting for a B2B white label travel portal development can enable you to save money on developing all aspects of the platform. You can start off with a readily available platform and focus on making your business more productive. You can offer customers good deals on their products by earning sufficiently from the business. Hiring Trip Mega Mart for your portal can make the travel website/portal development cost fit well within your budget.

Customer Service

From providing instant booking confirmations to addressing queries faster, portals provide endless opportunities for improving the way you serve your customers. You can connect service providers with travelers and let both parties have a seamless experience in their transactions. By hiring a professional travel website/portal development company like Trip Mega Mart, you can add features to your portal that makes it a preferred choice for your customers. Professional portal developers can assist you in offering an excellent service to your customers so that you can grow your business effectively.


Conducting a B2B travel agency and managing all administrative works can be quite a hassle. You need to keep records of all transactions separately so that both you and your customers can keep a track of their revenue, sales, and other activities related to their business. Travel portals help in reducing the hassle by providing facilities like separate dashboards for your agents and customers. Both your customers and you can view transaction history using the respective login credentials. You can refer to the transactions and assess your sales so that you can make better business decisions.

Is B2B Portal Right for Your Business?

Different business groups have different requirements that help them achieve their goals. Whether or not you need a travel portal for your business would depend on a few factors.

1.   Expansion - When it comes to expanding travel businesses across boundaries, portals can prove to be of immense help. Portals allow agents to connect with several travel service providers and offer a wide variety of products to their customers.

2.  Target customer - If you want customers from different domains for your business, then travel portals can help you achieve this with ease. For those who wish to start travel agency online and do business directly with service providers, B2B portals can be an ideal resource.

3.   Service - Portals allow agents to sell many different products simultaneously on a single platform. If you wish to collaborate with hotel suppliers along with providing a car rental system, travel portals can be a great platform for you. With travel portals built by developers such as Trip Mega Mart, you can cater to a number of services without any complications

B2B portals are one stop solution for agents that want to do business with the top travel service providers. Portals can allow you to integrate with multiple providers, offer a variety of products, utilize a budget friendly platform for your business, and serve your customers well.

Posted on 04-Mar-2019

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