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Egypt is a country from the north-eastern part of Africa. The country has a multi-party republican government and two legislative houses. Arabic is the country's official language, and the capital city is Cairo. The official currency of Egypt is the Egyptian pound, abbreviated to EGP. 

Tourism in Egypt

With the Nile River at its heart, Egypt has emerged as a famous tourist destination. The country's historical structures, including the Abu Simbel temples and the Pyramids of Giza that have rock carvings of the Pharaohs on display, attract a huge number of tourists. 

Apart from the pyramids, the Museum of Ancient Egypt is another important tourist spot. The museum contains the largest collection of pharaonic artifacts in the world. The mysterious Great Sphinx is another spectacular view for tourists. 

Tips to Follow for a Visit to Egypt

Like any other country, there are certain guidelines in Egypt that help travelers to explore the place without any issues. Some of the tips to follow when you are in Egypt are listed below:

? Stay loaded with enough supply of water to stay hydrated in the country's harsh climate

? Consider tipping the staffs as it is an integral part of the Egyptian culture

? Follow diligently the rules of all tourist spots, especially the monuments

? Plan your tour with agencies that are supported by a reputed tourism portal development company like Trip Mega Mart. This will ensure that you avail the best holiday package system

Travel Business in Egypt 

As mentioned above, Egypt is among the favorite destinations of tourists. So, if you are planning to start online travel business agency, there should be no hiccups. However, there are a few simple steps that you might consider following to prevent any major financial losses.

How to Start Travel Agency Online?

The best way to start travel business online is to partner with a travel portal development company. Travelers often demand service packages that can cater to all their travel needs. Owning a travel portal that can function as a flight booking engine and hotel booking engine will give your business an edge over the competitors. You can hire a travel technology company to seek a complete travel portal solution. 

Checkpoints when hiring a travel website/portal design & development company 

? Able to design a website with GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration

? Create a customer support team so that you can provide your customers with a car rental system on your website

? Make a website that is accommodative of collaborations with airline suppliers and hotel suppliers

? Develop a responsive website at a budget-friendly travel website/portal development cost 

Thus, starting an online tourism agency in Egypt is a simple process when you have experts to assist you. You can plan on the various profit-making junctions of your travel agency with a skilled travel website/portal development company like Trip Mega Mart. These web developing companies can help you in providing quality and diverse services to your customers. They can also contribute to giving your business a global presence. 

 Start Online Travel Agency Business In Egypt

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