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Contribution of Travel Industry in Volume of Online Transactions

Contribution Of Travel Industry In Volume Of Online Transactions.png

India has become the most popular business market for online tourism and travel. The country has the third-largest number of Internet users after the US and China, which leads to convenient online booking of travel plans with more frequency. The e-travel industry contributes a whopping 88% of the growth of the Indian eCommerce industry. 

Online travel portals such as Trip Mega Mart have a significant share of contribution by providing 360-degree virtual tours in addition to photographs, audio tours, video blogs, and video reviews. All these are uploaded by regular travellers or by the travel agency itself. The stress and pressure of day-to-day life and the ease of booking through various online tourism portals have boosted the tourism industry. 

According to one report, the online travel market provides premium insights into the overall structure of the Indian online travel market. It offers a premium insight into the constraints, motivational forces, challenges, opportunity, market size and share, and the industry's appeal based on supply and demand, latest technology, current trend forecast, and the overall industry share analysis. 

What is needed more?

The Indian online travel and tourism industry is led by three stalwarts such as MakeMyTrip, Yatra, and Cleartrip. The market has to face some far extended challenges for maintaining a stand in this cutthroat market competition with 15 plus online companies as competitors.

Another issue that poses a significant challenge is the nullification of commissions on flight tickets. The current trends show that there is an extreme need to diversify the business model. One needs to adopt the role of a travel advisor while offering services to the end customers that provide an easy, convenient, and hassle-free travel experience. 

Who can help with creating an online travel portal?

Many companies in India are well-established as travel portal development companies, and one of them is Trip Mega Mart. It has extensive experience to create B2B & B2C Travel websites/portals with  White label Travel Portal Development

Trip Mega Mart, a travel portal development company, provides all the required API integrations such as:

How to develop a website for building an online travel portal

To have a full-scale website for an online travel portal, one needs to offer transparent and secure API solutions with GDS Integration Service.  Such a website, such as a website or portal, should be having an easy-to-use interface that responds proactively with the travel agency software integration. 

How costly or reasonable will it be to create an online travel portal?

Trip Mega Mart is a Travel Website/Portal Design & Development company that offers its services at a highly reasonable cost to ensure that the Travel Website/Portal Development price for a travel agent stays within their budget limits and makes their business venture into a profitable proposition.

Requisites of a travel portal 

To offer a flawless experience to the end-users, an online travel portal must have the following features:

  • Having extensibility in bookings
  • Offer customized tour packages
  • Manage reservations
  • Control the quota system
  • Allowing the flexibility of payment
  • Control multiple sales channels
  • Facilitate multi-currency and multiple languages accessibility of the software

Online travel portals enable travel agencies worldwide to improve and enhance their travel services, significantly providing potential customers with a world-class travel experience even in today's highly competitive travel industry.

Scope of online travel portals

In India, the contribution of travel and tourism has reached the developed market levels from 6.7% of GDP in the year 2013 to around 9.4% in 2018. This growth is attributed to the rapid growth of the Internet userbase and adoption of online bookings, which will further lead to incremental revenues through the online channels by 2021.

This again will lead to an increase in hotel bookings to around 35% by 2021 as against 26%, which again will be fuelled by rapid Internet availability and hotel aggregators. They will also be an increase in the growth of transportation by 12% and the growth in lodging and consumption of around 13%, which includes shopping, food, and recreation over the next three years. Thus online travel transactions are going to be in the front league for the coming few years.

Posted on 09-Feb-2015

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