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White Label Travel Portal in Lubumbashi

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Located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the city of Lubumbashi is known for its colonial architecture along with a number of museums and mines. There are many places in the city where tourists can enjoy a glimpse of nature, like the Kiubo Falls that is just 400 kms away from Lubumbashi. There are also places of historical value that tourists come to explore in this city. And as the place is gaining popularity among travelers the scope for agents to start travel agency online here is also increasing.

Apart from Lubumbashi, there are many other popular cities in the Democratic Republic of Congo where tourism plays an important role. The city of Kinshasa is the largest city in the country that offers a contrasting view of slums and residential buildings. Other important cities include Mbuji-Mayi, Kolwezi, Kananga, Bukavu, Kisangani, and Tshikapa. As Congo is a comparatively less explored part of the world, it is important that travel agents have an online platform where travelers can find all the necessary information. This is why travel agency software is an essential tool that all travel agents operating in this country must consider.

Why ChooseWhite Label Travel Portal Development?

One of the most convenient ways to start travel business online is to hire acompany that can build an efficient white label portal for your business.

Here are some of the factors that you can check before hiring a company for developing your portal.

•  Theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the specific domain

•  Availability of technical assistance to address your concerns

•  Option to customize your portal, as is possible with Trip Mega Mart

Once you have the right people to develop your travel portal, you can enjoy various benefits from the platform.

Easy Integration

Different agencies have different areas of focus when it comes to setting up a travel business. If you wish to offer hotel accommodations along with airline ticket booking facilities to your customers, you can opt for an easy GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration process on your portal. Professional portal developers Trip Mega Mart ensures that travel agents are able to integrate their portals to multiple service providers without any hassle.

Cost and Time Effective

White label platforms allow agents to start online travel business agency with least possible investments. The developers of the platform keep available all the basic features of a travel platform. This means you do not need to start the project from scratch. You can, instead, focus on adding additional features that you consider to be essential for your business. This can help you to bring down your expenses. Moreover, you can save time by allocating the basic tasks of designing your portal to experts like Trip Mega Mart. Having all ground level needs fulfilled would mean that you can use your time more effectively in dealing with the other aspects of your business.

Better Outreach

White label platforms are quite effective in letting travel agents connect with potential customers. You can have a 24*7 service for your customers and address their queries at all times of the day. With a travel technology company like Trip Mega Mart, you can make an analysis of your sales and predict the purchase behavior of customers. Using the information, you can then prepare auto responses to answer your customers faster and more efficiently. This would not only help in improving your customer service but would also allow you to gain customers for a long-term association with them.

Multiple Options

Opting for a white label travel portal in Lubumbashi can allow you to collaborate with a large number of service providers and expand your business. You may choose to offer individual travel products or arrange a holiday package system for your customers. Travel portals enable you to combine different products on a single platform and offer comprehensive services to travelers. You can apply attractive discounts on your products. You can also send notifications to customers to provide them with the status of their purchase requests.

Thus, there are various advantages of operating your travel business in Lubumbashi with a travel portal. You can expand your business effectively using a well-designed portal. However, you need to ensure that you have a reliable team like Trip Mega Mart for the development of the platform.

Posted on 20-Jul-2022

Travel Portal Solution in Democratic Republic of the Congo