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Travel Portal Development in Cape Town

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Why do tourists visit Cape Town?

Cape Town is a port city of South Africa that is known for its stunning beauty. There are mountainous peaks around the city that give glimpses of the blue ocean. Cape Town has something for all kinds of tourists. There are relaxing beaches, gorgeous mountain trails to hike and lots of opportunities for adventure sports like zip lining, paragliding, etc. But South Africa also has many other beautiful cities which tourists can visit. Johannesburg is the largest city of South Africa and has some of the relics of the country’s complex history. Durban and Pretoria are two other cities that have various historical sites and beautiful hotels for tourists to enjoy.

South Africa is using its tourism industry to give people from all over the world a taste of its unique culture and the lessons it has learnt from history. South Africans have also realized the importance of tourism and what it can do for the country’s economy. But the start-up culture is not in favor of traditional travel agent offices, rather the new-age entrepreneurs of South Africa are choosing to go for online travel portal development.

Digitized travel planning? Can it work as a business model?

Modern South African entrepreneurs are choosing to go for online travel portal solutions because they are easy to set-up, much less expensive in terms of initial investment and even recurring expenses are very minimal.

These entrepreneurs are not only choosing digital platforms for their business, they are buying ready-made white label portal to make it even faster and cheaper. Trip Mega Mart is one of South Africa’s most highly regarded companies for white label travel portal development.

The portals developed by Trip Mega Mart have a very wide variety of features that cover almost all areas of travel planning. The most attractive feature of course is flight and hotel API integration that allows customers to make reservations with all popular providers. Other features include car rental system, internal payment gateway, third-party payment portal integration, holiday package system, etc. Clients can pick and choose their preferred features.

Once clients have picked out their website model from the catalogue and chosen their preferred set of features, Trip Mega Mart designers begin the customization process. They add in branding from the client’s business and make changes to the basic design layout to make it unique for each client. After a week clients get access to a high-speed, responsive website with a simple, intuitive interface and a beautiful visual aesthetic. This site is now ready to attract customers.

After delivery Trip Mega Mart clients also get a full year of free support service for their business. After the one-year period, they have to pay an annual maintenance charge for their API service and other continuing services provided by Trip Mega Mart.

Trip Mega Mart travel agency software and its income potential

But just features and great design are not enough to create B2B and B2C travel websites that can become successful businesses. Some basic operational qualities and cost-expense management is also necessary.

All Trip Mega Mart online travel portal solutions have various admin controls that allow business owners to quickly update information on their website without having to resort to coding changes. This is essential for a business that has to meet day to day challenges. The sites can also be scaled up and down between international and local audiences to keep the business operations manageable for the customers. The sites are also compatible on smart phones making it accessible to a much wider customer-base.

Alongside all these systems that make it easy to use a Trip Mega Mart portal as an online business, there is also the added benefit that all Trip Mega Mart portals are quite inexpensive. The basic white label structure price is variable and clients pay extra, though small amounts, for extra customization. The maintenance fee is also manageable and only a small fraction of what average clients earn from their website in a year.

So, if you feel that you want to make a positive contribution to the South African economy with the help a low-risk business venture then white label travel portals are the best fit for you. Book a consultation with a Trip Mega Mart agent to learn more about the kind of pricing, features and designs you can expect from them.

Posted on 28-Sep-2020

White Label Travel Portal in South Africa