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Travel Portal Development in Nairobi

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The largest Kenyan city and also its capital, Nairobi literally translates to “place of cool waters” in Massai language. Nairobi is famous for the Nairobi National Park that breeds the endangered black rhinos. The national park also houses zebras, giraffes and lions. Nairobi is regarded as the central point for most of the tourists who have planned safari trips in and around Kenya.

Kenya is a rapidly developing country and has a number of cities that are contributing greatly to its development. Mombasa is Kenya’s oldest city and is famous for its breath-taking beaches and resorts. Owing to this fact, this gorgeous city attracts millions of tourists every year. Kisumu city in Kenya is another crowd puller due to the magnificent lakeside viewpoints at Hippo Point and Dunga Hill Camp. The Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is known for its zebras and impalas. Nakuru city is known far and wide for Lake Nakuru which attracts flocks of flamingos every year.

Starting your own online travel agency in this city is not that difficult, provided you have the correct people to guide you with it. With the right knowhow and expertise to pull crowd, you will discover that the world is open to you. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

What are some of the key features of a travel portal that can help start travel agency business in Nairobi?

There are no defined set of features. Every online travel agency has its own unique selling propositions. But at a basic level, the following are some key features of a travel portal to start travel agency business online in Nairobi.

Live flight booking – A travel portal with live flight booking is already integrated with all the APIs to provide this service. Building it from scratch is not required. Customizations are possible.

Live Hotel booking – APIs are already integrated to provide hotel booking services for customers via the travel portal site – one of the strong benefits of White Label Travel Portal. The booking facility helps travelers book accommodation, hotels, inns etc. from the travel portal.

Live Bus booking – The reason why many people do not know how to start travel business online, is because they get the basics wrong. Trip Mega Mart offers bus booking API integrations to allow travelers to book road transport solutions in advance and enjoy their travels.

Tour Management System – Being on a tour demands a lot of personal organization, coordination, documentation etc. A full-fledged tour management system can help solve many of these problems. Those who want to start travel business from home in Nairobi need to provide this solution to their customers if they hope to increase the customer experience levels.

Payment gateway – Trip Mega Mart travel portals are already integrated with payment gateways. Once live, the website is ready to take bookings. Customers can make payments for travel related transactions through secure channels.

How to run your business with an online travel portal solution

Trip Mega Mart sites have certain features which make it very easy for business owners to control the trajectory of their business. The sites are scalable, meaning that a business owner can choose whether they want their site to be available to only local/regional or also international customers. No site changes are needed for growth and expansion of the business.

Trip Mega Mart clients also save money on having to build separate applications for mobiles and computers. All Trip Mega Mart portals are compatible on smart phones, laptops, desktops and tablets.

Create a World Class Travel Portal with Trip Mega Mart

In Nairobi,Kenya, Trip Mega Mart develops a complete travel website/portal and applications using GDS Integration services.

The combination of travel agency software results in websites with an intuitive interface and an aesthetically beautiful design. A website component attracts the most significant number of clients and retains them until all appointment slots are filled.

A travel agency is ineffective if it is not advertised to many customers seeking an all-inclusive travel agency. Trip Mega Mart, a travel portal solution provider, can assist you in promoting your travel business and becoming a successful travel entrepreneur.

For sure Trip mage Mart can help you discover a place in the travel sector.

Posted on 09-Dec-2019

Travel Portal Development in Kenya