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Travel Portal Development in Zanzibar

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White sand and a serene environment are among the top features of Zanzibar. The place is filled with some marvelous beaches where tourists can engage in a number of adventurous activities. The rich culture of the city combined with the exotic foods and lively people marks the popularity of the place among tourists. In addition to its scenic beauty, the place is also popular for its export of spices such as nutmeg, black pepper, cinnamon, and cloved to different parts of the world.

Apart from Zanzibar, there are other cities in Tanzania that are also known for their natural beauty. These include Moshi, Dodoma, Arusha, Mbeya, Dar Es Salaam, and Mwanza. All these places have distinctive features that serve as a major attraction point for tourists. Arusha, for instance, has some high peaks that thrills visitors of this place. This place is also the starting point for a trek to the Kilimanjaro or trip to the Ngorongoro National Parks and Serengeti. This accounts for the huge number of travel agents who plan to start travel business online in Zanzibar.

But like any other online business, travel business, too, requires a web-based platform that can help agents perform their tasks seamlessly. This is what makes travel portal solution an essential tool for travel businesses.

Characteristics of Portals

There are certain features of travel portals that add to their significance to the travel sector.

Mobile Friendly- With the help of a travel mobile application development company such as Trip Mega Mart, you can let customers access your portal on hand-held devices. This feature is important for travelers who do not find time to arrange trips from desktops.

Feedback Sharing- You can post reviews and comments of your customers on the portal and let other travelers know your services better. Offering customers coupons upon sharing reviews that they can use for future bookings can be a great motivator for them to share their experience with your agency. A travel portal development with Trip Mega Mart can let you add this feature to your portal.

Informative- Like a travel website, portals, too, can be used to share details of various travel destinations with the explorers. Trip Mega Mart allows you to add attractive images on your portal with which you can create a better reputation on travelers. You can also customize the content to ensure you have a sufficient number of visitors to your portal whom you can convert to customers.

Benefits of Travel Portal Development in Zanzibar

Developing a travel portal with Trip Mega Mart can have various advantages for your business.

Rapid Growth

Expanding business with a travel agency software is quite easy due to the huge number of modern features that travel portals come with. By being accessible to travelers on mobile devices, you further increase the chances of gaining recognition for your business. Better visibility means more customers and more sales.

Instant Service

With a GDS integration service you can allow customers to access inventories of various service providers. This information can help customers to check availability of services and make their bookings accordingly. You, too, can process booking requests instantly and send confirmation to customers on their preferred mode of communication without any delays.

Cost Saving

One major advantage of white label travel portal development with professional portal developers like Trip Mega Mart is that you can save money on creating the portal from scratch white label platform comes with pre-designed templates as well as various essential features. You can utilize them for starting your travel business cost effectively.

Hassle-Free Administration

Working with a travel technology company can help in simplifying the administrative tasks of your business. You can create dashboards for customers and administrators to ensure data of all transactions are stored in an organized fashion. An organized record of transactions can allow you to perform your regular duties efficiently without losing track of any data.

Building an online travel business in Zanzibar can bring various opportunities to your way. But it is important that you have a reliable platform from which you can operate effectively. While there are many options of portal developers for travel businesses, opting for reputed companies like Trip Mega Mart can assure you of zero compromise with quality.

Posted on 16-Mar-2020

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