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Use of WordPress for Travel Portal

Use Of Wordpress For Travel Portal

For all those who want to create a website or a travel portal with a user-friendly interface and all the travel APIs integrated, then one needs to look out for a suitable platform that can be helpful, easy to use, convenient, comprehensive, visually appealing, and reasonable by way of cost.

Nowadays, WordPress is used frequently as one of the best content management system (CMS) on the web. Around 39.6% of the websites today are built or created using this platform, and 40% of the Internet is powered by it.

One often wonders why WordPress is so popular and whether it is required to build a reliable website for the business?

Well, initially, WordPress was created to be used as a platform only for blogging. When somebody installs WordPress, the primary function available to them is to add new posts, share them on social media, and create static pages.

This basic functionality is good enough for blogging or simple static company websites. However, if one wants to develop a customized, dynamic, and functional web platform, then they should give it a second thought before using WordPress for a business website.

There are some bloopers when it comes to using WordPress for a business website. Let us look at them so that one doesn't use WordPress as their platform to create a business website.

Disadvantages of WordPress

The following are some of the snags of using WordPress as a platform for creating a business website:

  • Need numerous plugins for additional features and frequent updates - To make the WordPress website extremely functional, many plugins are required. But these plugins also slow down the entire website. The more the number of plugins, the slower the website. Also, these plugins require regular updates that can play a trick on the website by either breaking or making it stop working. Sometimes there are as many as five updates in a month. Therefore, continuous backup and testing of all new features of the updated plugin are required before updating the live website.
  • Theme complexities -Though WordPress offers some of the most stunning themes, however, the weak point of such themes is that they may not suit the brand identity once they are downloaded. Also, upon inserting the media files, the template may not look so premium and stylish as it looked at in the preview. Eventually, one needs to customize the theme purchased by hiring a developer and make the whole thing a costly affair. Again, if the chosen theme ends up having too many functions, then the website will become extremely slow. These themes also get updated time and again, messing up the whole functioning of the live website.
  • Slow page speed - A WordPress website can slow down due to many factors such as heavyweight plugins, complex codebases, crowded databases, vast and heavy images, non-optimized SEO, rich themes, unreliable hosting, non-optimized home pages, and unreliable CDN. Modern users today do not want to wait for more than 2 seconds for a website to open, and all of these can cause the WordPress website to open slower.
  • Poor SEO ranking - It is widely acclaimed that WordPress is the most SEO-friendly platform, but its category system and special tagging that creates duplicates messes up with the whole system. To fix these issues, one needs to learn SEO or hire a specialist that manages such optimizations. Therefore, it is better to customize a website rather than spend a lot of money on such additional expenses.
  • Website vulnerability - Being the most used CMS platform, WordPress is highly insecure and vulnerable to hacking, making it an easy target for hackers and spam attacks. Downloading plugins from unreliable sources may also lead to security hacks and malicious activities. This vulnerability to hacking and security may bring a negative impact on the credibility of the whole website.
  • The website can go down without notice - Due to many plugins, heavy themes, and constant updates, the website may become slower or even go down without notice creating an inconvenience both to the business and the end-user.
  • It is not cost-effective - Although there are lots of WordPress users considering it to be a relatively easy and understandable platform, however, it is loosely designed and provokes numerous plugins and technology to be downloaded in general. This only means that one has to spend additional money on procuring developer services. One cannot afford to spend time, money, and efforts on building a website through WordPress that needs constant supervision of a specialist leading to additional expenses.

To conclude, one can consistently appraise WordPress CMS to be a trendy platform attributing to its simplicity and being a perfect solution for blogs and simple company websites. But suppose a business wants to develop a robust, secure, and functional web-platform instead of spending extra time, money, and efforts on getting a WordPress-based website fixed frequently. In that case, it is always better to hire a professional team of developers such as Trip Mega Mart. They are experienced in creating world-class websites.

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Posted on 30-Jun-2020

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