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Role of Social Media Marketing for your Travel Business

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Social media has changed every single aspect of our day-to-day living. Young people love to be on social media as they want to be seen online to share their experiences, especially travel experiences. People nowadays want to change their online status every day as they are visible to a vast audience. It is a new way to relate one's mood and research before planning any of the tours.

Tourism companies have now started leveraging this latest powerful way of attracting new travelers and increasing their revenues. Social media has changed the way people research before going on a trip. People either want to read other people's travel experiences or want to see visuals of the place they want to visit or go through the reviews and ratings of the accommodations and places to visit before they book their tour. In this way, they want to be sure whether they're investing in the right kind of holiday package.

Tourism is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant sectors of the global economy. A travel business should promote every single tourism event on social media for excellent results in their business.

Benefits of social media marketing for travel business

The digital world has successfully made a match between social media and the tourism industry. Travelling is one of the most common niches shared on the three biggies of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. People always want to tell their friends and family about their latest traveling experiences, and what better way to share them on a social media platform. Many of the tourist decisions are influenced by the reviews, feedback, and comments on social media. But that doesn't mean that these are the only benefits that a travel business gets from social media. There are other benefits too.

Therefore, the following are the benefits of social media strategies in the tourism industry:

1. Analyzing the market - Social media is a crucial tool for market analysis. It is beneficial to analyze the attitude and behavior of tourists. Through increased recommendations and purchases made by tourists, one can see it as new tourists are inclined to buy the judgments in sentiments by other tourists on social media. It becomes an effective tool in analyzing the market trend and the demand of travelers. Also, the low cost of social media becomes a beneficial tool in marketing communications.

2. Creation of a community - The tourism industry, through social media, can now possibly build a dedicated community for this industry. Millions of people are now using social media platforms daily and constantly surf the Internet for tourism products and services. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram support creating pages and groups that connect people with them, guiding them towards the launch of new services, bonuses, and other promotions by the tourism industry. Thus, a community on social media platforms makes the travel industry services attractive and better with more dedicated followers.

3. Improving online presence - People do not use social media only for going through the advertisements of tourism services. Still, they also use social media to select a travel destination, book flight tickets, reserve hotels, evaluate travel time, and other vital travel-related information.

The tourism business must have an excellent online presence and reputation. Social media helps in getting the knowledge of weaker areas of tourism services and thereby helps in improving the travel services. It provides room for online customer feedback and review, making the travel business platform even more reliable. It improves the online presence of the travel industry as tourists leverage social media platforms for conducting many travel research.

4. Improve connectivity with the clients - Gone are the days of poor customer service. Social media platforms, with their transparency, millions of hotel reviews and resort feedback, and chatbot connectivity have made it extremely easy for the clients to connect with the tourist agents. This connectivity enables the clients to contact the tourist agents in an easy, cheap, faster, and at the same time in a better way. The whole process of contacting the tourist agent has become highly effortless.

5. Broader distribution of content - Social media marketing supports the distribution of content through promotional videos, images, written content, and experiences and can reach their targeted customers. People leverage the Internet and social media for availing information and solutions to many of their queries related to tourism. The social media users go through the content posted by the website and tourists on such social media platforms and buy whatever they like. Thus, social media marketing is a cheaper, faster, and more effective way of publicity than traditional marketing techniques.

6. Enhance visibility for the website - Social media optimization plays a significant role in enhancing the visibility of a travel website on social media. A travel website must be visible on reputed search engines like Google and Bing. It can be possible when more customers subscribe to the community, share their travel content, their likes, retweets, and comments on the post of the travel business bringing in more visibility. One can further increase it by adding a website link of the same on the company's social media sites.

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Posted on 03-Oct-2016

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