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Travel Business - Online vs. Offline

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The business of travel and tourism has always been on the higher side of revenue. And this is because of the love of people for traveling. Traveling is considered an effective way of rejuvenating oneself. Traveling is also associated with enhanced mental health. So, there are no surprises when people show an inclination towards exploring places.

The travel industry has expanded largely on the global platform. As the lines between countries are dwindling, the movement of people across the borders is increasing greatly. And this has benefited travel portal development company due to the mode of business shifting from offline to online.

Online Travel Business

This is an addition to the travel industry from the last few decades. The connection of people over the internet has urged the travel industry to explore the online market. And while travel agencies continue to provide services through the traditional offline mode, there are certain differences between these two types of the travel business.

Differences Between Online and Offline Travel Business

Discussed here are some of the differences between an online and offline travel business:

? Offline travel agencies have a physical location from where they operate their business. The office is where you are expected to accept all bookings, and you have the option to opt for websites. But for online travel businesses, a website through a professional travel website/portal development company is a must. Your portal will serve as the platform from where you offer all services to the customers.

  • Offline travel agencies stay available for a face-to-face discussion of the tour. But this is not the case with online agencies. In online travel business, you establish business relationships with the customers primarily through your travel portal.
  • Offline travel agencies experience geographical limitations in offering services in foreign countries. But no such constraints exist for online travel agencies.
  • Offline travel agencies are less preferred by the younger generation that believes in updating themselves with technology. Consequently, online travel agencies appear more suitable for them. Most online travel agencies function as a flight booking engine, adding more points for the online portals.

Benefits of Online Travel Business

Creation- building an online travel portal is an easy process, especially with professionals like Trip Mega Mart. You only need to specify your requirements and a travel website/portal design & development company can take care of the rest. This includes building the website and maintaining its administrative processes.

Visibility- online travel businesses are many times more likely to reach several customers. Being a part of the internet, these businesses gain an incomparable benefit over offline travel agencies.

Accessibility- people prefer online platforms to find services such as a car rental system. With a GDS integration service, customers can easily locate an online travel business.

Cost of development- to start online travel business agency you need not spend huge amounts of money. The travel website/portal development cost is much lower than the cost of renting an office space. Moreover, companies like Trip Mega Mart offer customized website designs at an affordable price.

Range of services- online travel businesses allow you to offer various services to the customers. You can use GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration to offer different package deals. This includes a holiday package system, adventurous activities, corporate get-togethers, and many more. Further, you can partner with a travel mobile application development company and build a mobile version of your website to ease the accessibility of the customers.

How to start travel business online?

All it takes to start travel agency online is finding the right team. As the mode of business suggests, you need to have a responsive website to cater well to the tourism industry. Once you are backed by a skilled travel technology company, you can grow your business in various directions.

Thus, travel businesses have both the options of online and offline for rendering services. Except for belonging to the travel sector, there are significant differences between the two. Selecting one over the other is majorly the agency's preference. But if you choose to begin an online travel business, ensure that you have the right set of people with you. Remember that the right partnership will eventually help you to get all the benefits of the online travel website.

Posted on 26-Jan-2015

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