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White Label Travel Portal in Entebbe

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Entebbe is a popular city in Uganda that is known for its beautiful scenic views. Though the beaches are the major points of attraction of this city, there are several other things that Entebbe offers to tourists. Botanical gardens and unique wild species are what makes the city breathtakingly beautiful.

The tourism industry in Uganda is dependent on various other cities of the country. Kampala, Kira town, Lira, Jinja, Nansana, Mbale, Mukono, and Njeru are the other major cities of Uganda where a large number of tourists gather to explore the beauty of the country. Travel agents willing to start travel business online in Uganda need to have an online platform with which they can cater to the huge crowd that comes from different corners of the world. This is why travel portals have emerged as the most reliable tool for agents conducting businesses online.

Features of Travel Portals

There are various features of a travel portal that makes them an essential tool for the travel industry.

Booking Engine - Agents can integrate portals with an airline or hotel booking engine and let customers access the live inventory of various service providers. This makes the process of reservation extremely simple and less time consuming. Customers can view availability reports on their own without having to contact the agent.

Mobile Friendly - Portals that are built with a travel mobile application development company like Trip Mega Mart can be made mobile friendly. This means customers can access the platform from any devices and also from remote locations.

Flexible - Portals are a flexible platform that agents can use to scale their business anytime as per their feasibility. You can add as many travel products to your business as you wish to. With portals you can add or remove products on the same platform.

Multi Language - An essential part of tourism portal development is that travellers from different countries can access the platform. With portal developers such as Trip Mega Mart, you can make your portal accessible in all the majorly spoken languages.

Business Reports - Using a travel portal you can analyze your sales and prepare reports on them even from remote areas. By associating with a good travel technology company like Trip Mega Mart you can store all essential data on the cloud. This will assure you data protection and allow you to manage your business reports better.

Benefits ofWhite Label Travel Portal in Entebbe

There are several benefits that you can enjoy when opting to create B2B & B2C travel website/portal for your travel business.

Cost Effective

White label portals are a cost-effective means of addressing the tasks of a travel business. You get all essential features pre-integrated on the platform. This means you do not need to spend money on designing and developing the portal from the beginning. You can start off with focusing on the core tasks of your business. Moreover, you can operate your agency with less resources. This can further help in bringing down your expenses.


White labels that Trip Mega Mart creates are highly customizable. You can add or remove features based on the requirements of your business. If you wish to allow customers to leave comments on the platform regarding your products, you can also add such features on the portal.

Add Multiple Products

With white label portals you can collaborate with a number of hotel and airline suppliers and integrate their services on your portal. This feature of a travel portal allows agents to include a large number of products to their businesses. You can offer customers hotel and airline ticket booking facilities along with various other products.

Fast Processing

Portals help in speeding up processes so that you can finish off the tasks in less time. Automation is one of the most important aspects of a portal that enhances the efficiency of the platform. It allows you to work faster and with greater efficiency.

There are multiple waves that you can benefit from using a portal for your travel business. You can increase the efficiency of your processes along with working with much less expenses. However, you need to make the portal identical to your brand values as well as accessible on mobile devices.

Posted on 14-Feb-2022

Travel Portal Solution in Uganda