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Start Travel Agency Business in Accra-Ghana

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Being the capital city of Ghana, Accra has a thriving nightlife with exotic sea front joints. The most popular beaches being the Kokrobite Beach and Labadi Beach are known for their mesmerizing golden sand. The city is known far and wide for its textile industry and its Makola Market which is the largest trading point.

Apart from Accra, Ghana is also known for its other major cities like Kumasi, Takoradi and Tamale. All these cities are the emerging hotspots for investments. They are developing at the speed of lightning and are the industrial and commercial centers for the country. Colorful markets filled with spices and textiles throng the alleys of these cities.

With so much to explore in Accra, and around, starting an online travel agency is definitely a wise decision. But how does a layman go about it? This question is no doubt an intimidating one. Let us look at the possibilities.

Benefits of White Label Travel Portal in Accra

The idea to start travel agency business in Accrais a fabulous one. But if not done right, as with everything, the effort could run up costs. First-up, a travel portal is required. Instead of investing in building a travel portal solution from scratch, a better option is to purchase Trip Mega Mart ready-to-deploy travel portal solutions.

The development and go-live of a travel portal is one of the biggest show-stoppers for travel agencies. To start travel agency business online in Accra, this is often a major requirement. Although you can start an offline agency as well, an online travel agency is always better.  You can use Trip Mega Mart travel portals because Trip Mega Mart has helped many a travel agency to setup a travel business. Now is your opportunity to do the same – and in Ghana.

Africa, on the whole is a big travel market. It’s a free world too because many countries have democratic norms. Even without it, the attitude towards travelers is positive. This is because tourism is one of the pillars of the African economy. These days traveling to Africa is on the priority list of millions of people.

How to start travel agency business in Accra?

When people want to travel to Africa, they will invariably travel to multiple countries there. Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco, Ghana, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo – and the list goes on. There are so many countries to visit. Each country has its set of marvelous aspects to explore. Every African country provides unique experiences for travelers.

You can easily notice this fact once you setup your travel portal from Trip Mega Mart. Once this travel portal development agency sets up the travel portal for your business; travel bookings will shoot through the roof. Your travel portal development cost will be minimal considering the benefits.

The online travel portal development will focus on customizations too. Customization requests will come in huge numbers. Clients can also customize the colors, layout and even font of their theme to a certain extent. Trip Mega Mart also adds individualized branding on the websites, this branding includes business name, business logo and other simple branding paraphernalia of the purchasing company. So you have to be ready to handle such traveler traffic with a robust technology platform. Trip Mega Mart simply knows how to develop travel portal that aligns to business objectives.

By way of the single point travel portal, travelers to Africa can pick and choose from a range of services. From this travel portal solution online in Accra, they can make travel bookings in the form of flight, bus, car, accommodation, tours, safari, sightseeing service bookings.

Not only can you assist travelers via the portal from this B2C White Label Travel Portal Development agency, you can also set up travel advisories through the portal. You can make your travel portal from the B2B2C White Label Travel Portal Development firm, the go-to one for all travel related queries. Travelers across the world, wanting to travel to any of the African countries, can rely on your travel portal’s flawless functionality. So give yourself a head-start and keep the momentum of your business going with Trip Mega Mart travel portals for the African market.

Posted on 16-Aug-2022

White Label Travel Portal in Ghana