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Travel Portal Development in Dammam

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Dammam and the transforming travel industry of Saudi Arabia

Dammam provides tourists stunning views of the Marjan Lake. There are many other parks and galleries in the city for tourists to enjoy. Saudi Arabia is a beautiful city with its own unique culture. This culture is visible in the pilgrimage cities of Mecca and Medina, as well as in the capital city of Riyadh. But in recent times Saudi Arabia has also embraced all modern amenities. World class shopping malls and luxury resorts litter the country and act as a major draw for international tourists.

Now some Saudi cities are modernizing their travel and tourism industry as well. The older system of travel agent offices is being replaced by travel portal development in Dammam. Online travel portal solutions provide customers the added convenience they need to make this industry bigger than it already is.

Can you grow a digital travel portal solution into an actual business?

In recent years, most of the biggest travel business success stories have come from online travel portal owners. But building a travel portal is quite a capital heavy process because it requires months of work from a team of highly skilled software developers.

Now, some companies are finding a way to bypass this process. These companies have become specialized in white label travel portal development. These companies have catalogues of pre-developed websites that they can customize according to the needs of each client. These sites are already provided with some essential travel business functionalities.

Trip Mega Mart is the leader among this category of white label travel portal design and development companies. Some of the common features that appear in most models of the Trip Mega Mart catalogue are flight booking engines and hotel booking engines that allow customers to make real time reservations from a number of different suppliers. The same GDS integration service that powers these engines is also used for car rental systems and holiday package systems.

Some of the other well-loved features of Trip Mega Mart sites include multiple device compatible sites, special admin accesses for the website owners, scaling capacity to operate the site at local/regional/international level.

But the most important element of any business is finance and transactions on Trip Mega Mart sites are very simple and quick with a specially designed internal payment gateway that has its own security systems.

Once Trip Mega Mart customers have picked out the features and website model that suits their budget from the available options, it’s time to move into customization. Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions are designed to be quite inexpensive so that even start-ups can afford this business venture.

Trip Mega Mart creates B2B and B2C travel portals that are customized for each client by adding the name and logo of their business. This initial customization is included in the cost of the website. The Trip Mega Mart personal consultant assigned to each client guides them through this process.

How to pick the right white label partner?

Trip Mega Mart is not the only white label travel portal development company in the market. There are a number of firms offering this service. But Trip Mega Mart is the most experienced and reliable and they also offer some great perks besides their initial low pricing.

Trip Mega Mart uses the highest quality of GDS and API service for their clients. Clients also get one year of free support service after delivery. This is very useful for clients who may not be highly technically skilled.

After one year, there is still a support service and the API service is also continued, but clients have to pay an annual maintenance fee for it. This fee, the only recurring expenditure on this business, is a meager 25% of the original cost of the website.

Trip Mega Mart also allows their clients to add individual portals for travel agents within their travel agency software for easier management of business operations.

So, if you want a reliable and effective business partner who will guide you through the entire process of setting up a travel business, then a Trip Mega Mart consultant is the answer to all your prayers. Make the call today to book your first appointment.

Posted on 01-Feb-2021

White Label Travel Portal in Saudi Arabia