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White Label Travel Portal in Dubai

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Why is Dubai the best location for a travel business?

Dubai now features prominently on all international top ten travel destination lists. The epitome of luxury and ultra-modernism, there is very little that is beyond reach in this city. Alongside its glistening façade, the city also holds on to pieces of its cultural heritage to give the city its unique appeal. Besides Dubai, there are some other cities in the United Arab Emirates like Abu Dhabi and Sharjah which also have built up a strong reputation among foreign travelers.

There are very cities in the world as exciting as Dubai now to set up a travel and tourism industry. So, if you are someone who wants to become a travel entrepreneur then it’s high time to explore the opportunities in Dubai.

Set Up a Digital Business: White Label Travel Portal in Dubai

If you plan to start your own business, it may feel like a daunting task at first, to come up with the funds needed to rent/lease an office and set up the infrastructure needed to build a travel agency office. A better way to go about the endeavor is to hire a company for online white label travel portal development. One such tried and tested White Label Travel Portal company is Trip Mega Mart.

They create B2B and B2C travel portals that provide customers the opportunity to make all necessary travel arrangements from home. Trip Mega Mart is a leader among the travel portal design and development companies operating in Dubai at present. 

Top 10 Features of Trip Mega Mart Travel Portal Solutions:

1.  Flight and hotel central reservation system – a GDS integration service is used to run a real time reservation system with information from various airline suppliers and hotel suppliers displayed in one single website.

2.  Booking engines - sites can also have a car rental system or a holiday package system built within

3.  Payment – Trip Mega Mart sites come with native payment portals and also provide easy third party integration with most popular payment systems

4.  Scale – Trip Mega Mart white label travel portal solutions allows clients to individually choose the scale of operations of their business model – local, regional or international

5.  Speed and stability – Trip Mega Mart sites all run at very high speeds while maintaining responsiveness and are also able to able to handle a lot of traffic at once because the software code is created by very skilled engineers

6.   Compatibility – Trip Mega Mart sites can run on most devices without any glitches including laptops, desktops, tablets and even smart phones. Business owners do not have to buy a separate travel mobile application

7.   Admin controls – all Trip Mega Mart sites come with certain admin access features that allow clients the freedom to make basic modifications to the content of their website without having to touch the complicated software coding working in the background

8.   Customization – Trip Mega Mart ensures that every single one of their sites stands out from the others by personally customizing sites for each client. The client’s business model branding is added to the site alongside their main design preferences like colors and fonts. The end-result is a site that looks beautiful and completely built from scratch. There is no generic look and feel to the site after the end of customization when the site is delivered

9.   Usability – the user-friendliness of their website is one of the biggest plus points of Trip Mega Mart white label portals. Full intuitive interface means that almost anyone from any part of the world will be able to comfortably use the site without going through any training period.

10.  Maintenance and delivery – Trip Mega Mart gives seven day delivery for customized white label portals. After delivery there is a year of free support and from the second year onwards there is a paid support and maintenance service. Clients pay 25% of their website cost annually to keep their travel e-commerce business running smoothly.

If you are someone who wants a fool-proof plan in the business sphere then book your appointment with Trip Mega Mart right away and become the owner of a profitable business venture in Dubai before the opportunity runs out.

Posted on 28-Mar-2022

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