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Travel Portal Development in Johannesburg

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Tourism in South Africa

South Africa, located at the far south of Africa is a country with a long and complex history. But now South Africa is known in the international tourism community for its natural beauty. The long coastline of the country provides some beautiful beaches where tourists can soak up the sun. The natural landscape of the interior areas of the country and the richly populated national parks are also important tourist attractions of South Africa.

Johannesburg, the largest city of South Africa houses museums and monuments that tell the country’s long history with colonialism and segregation. Other South African cities like Durban, Cape Town, and Pretoria also have their own unique cultural heritage.

South African economy sees a significant contribution from the travel and tourism industry every year. Millions of people have South Africa at the top of their international travel bucket lists. This means that there is a lot of opportunity to create B2B and B2C travel portals in South Africa. These online travel portal solutions are easier and faster to set-up than traditional travel agency office infrastructure and yet can access a much larger international customer-base.

One of the best white label portal developers in South Africa, as well as internationally is Trip Mega Mart. They have a massive repertoire of white label portals with different sets of features each. Each white label plan has a different price point depending on the number of features it includes, clients can also custom choose their own features, but that may increase the price a little bit.

Trip Mega Mart: is it worth it to hire this travel portal development company?

Trip Mega Mart is regarded very highly as a travel technology company because of its wide array of features that perform with high speed and efficiency on all sorts of devices. Some of the common features that Trip Mega Mart clients can choose from include flight booking engines, hotel booking engines, holiday package systems, car rental systems, internal payment gateway, third-party payment portal integration, various admin access controls, etc. All the reservation systems among the features listed above make us of the GDS integration service to compound data from different providers in real-time.

Another very interesting feature of all Trip Mega Mart sites is scalability. The client who purchases the site can make the decision to keep the website open to only local or regional audiences or choose to make the site available to all international customers.

There are many other travel portal development companies in the market besides Trip Mega Mart, but this company stands out from the rest because of its wide range of features and for the speed and responsiveness of its sites. Besides Trip Mega Mart sites are generally very affordably priced, and the finished delivery of a site takes only a few days’ time. There is also a whole year of free support provided by Trip Mega Mart to make it easier for their clients to start earning money from their site.

Another area where Trip Mega Mart stands out from all other competitors is in terms of website design. All Trip Mega Mart sites are designed for a complete intuitive user experience with a very simple and easy navigation system across the site. Equipped with all the features, the sites are also uniquely visually appealing. The design process begins first by adding the client’s branding to the generic white label framework to make it look more customized. Then the client’s design preferences for colors, themes, etc., are included to create an altogether very unique and beautiful site that is user-friendly as well.

Final thoughts on white label travel portal development

If you want to become a business owner there is no easier way than to purchase a white label site. A white label travel portal from Trip Mega Mart is very low on investment and the only other working capital requirement for the business is the annual maintenance fee (25% of website cost) that is compulsory for all clients.

So, if you are ready to take on the responsibility of becoming a self-employed business owner in South Africa then book your first appointment with Trip Mega Mart today.

Posted on 14-Sep-2020

White Label Travel Portal in South Africa