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How Technology Is Revolutionizing the Travel Industry

How Technology Is Revolutionizing The Travel Industry

The world today is driven digitally. Almost everything is available at the palms on our devices. From shopping to buying groceries, you can make use of technology to make your life easier. Travel too is not far from the giving of technology. Today, no matter what place you are at, what destination you want to go to or what time of the day or night you make plans, you can make your plans into reality.

There are plenty of travel websites today that leverage the mix of technology and travel perfectly. No more going over to travel agents every time you make a change to your itinerary. Just head over to your travel portal solution and update as per your requirements.

Mentioned below are a few advancements made in travel, thanks to technology, that makes our lives much easier. Trip Mega Mart is one white label travel portal development making this possible.

1.)    Travel Technology on Mobile

This by far has to be the best and the most used technology when it comes to travel. Having travel bookings made available on mobile has made life so much easier. Doesn’t matter if you are coming back late from work, if you are stuck in traffic, or lying down in your bed, - all you need is your smartphone and that’s it!

Many travel portal solutions send the updates of your booking through SMS along with sending them on your socials. Many send reminders as well. All information needed is present in just one place without you having to fish for documents while waiting in a queue.

2.)    Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is another technological advancement that has made travel more fun. Without getting off your couch, you can see a cabin on a cruise or see the Great Wall of China. Who thought this could be possible! Up to a few years earlier, having pictures of the hotel you’re staying in was a big deal. But that is old news now.

Many travel portal solutions offer the experience of augmented reality. With the help of Augmented Reality, you can virtually visit the place before you actually make a booking. What a time to be alive!

3.)    Virtual Assistants

Many times, trying to talk to travel websites can result in you waiting for long hours on the phone. A lot of people drop their calls even before speaking to an agent which makes the entire experience frustrating. Even when calling for an inquiry, you might be required to wait the same time as any other customer.

However, with virtual assistants, you don’t have to even dial the number to speak to an agent. Just how we have Siri on iPhones, many travel portal solutions have virtual assistants that help with the most basic of queries. If a question is frequently asked by a lot of customers, the answer might be fed to the database so that the virtual assistant can help customers. Having virtual assistants on your travel portal development company can help make the booking process seamless for the consumers.

4.)    Travel Experience

Apart from anything, the overall travel experience in Trip Mega Mart is simplified to a great extent with the help of technology. No need to wait in queues at the airport to get your boarding pass or wait for a cab outside the airport. With the inception of technology in travel, all this can be done even before you leave your homes for your destination.

With the help of online web check-ins, you can skip the queue at the boarding pass counter and move directly to drop your baggage. Even baggage dropping can be done by the traveller without having to contact any staff at the airport. Post that, cabs too can be booked in advance from the airport to your hotel using travel websites.

With the help of technology, travel portal solutions partner with various airline suppliers, car rental systems and hotel suppliers to provide us a variety in services while making our booking. The inception of technology in travel and tourism has made travel a very hassle-free experience. You don’t have to worry about speaking to agents, any bad surprises at your hotel or flights because literally everything can be checked before making the booking. Even cancellations are dealt by the travel websites automatically where you are informed of the breakdown and don’t need to speak to any agent.

Posted on 22-Aug-2016

Travel Portal Development