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White Label Travel Portal in Abuja

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Spend some time in the Nigerian capital city of Abuja

Abuja is the capital of Nigeria and has some of the most luxurious facilities available in the country. Abuja is primarily popular among tourists because of the huge monolithic rock the Aso Rock that dominates the landscape of this city. There are other museums and parks in the city too where tourists can connect with the country’s local heritage. From Abuja, tourists can go to other cities like Lagos, Ibadan and Port Harcourt to get a deeper experience of the authentic Nigerian culture.

Nigeria is a beautiful country with amazing people and its tourism potential is still vastly under-explored. Now some aspiring entrepreneurs in the country are trying to build white label travel portals in Abuja to bring the attention of the international tourist community to Nigeria.

Trajectory of the digital tourism industry in Nigeria

There are many companies now operating in the market that are taking away the responsibility from business owners to create B2B and B2C travel portals. Instead, these companies are selling pre-designed white label websites that can be customized for various clients.

Trip Mega Mart is a top-rated company in this company. Trip Mega Mart travel portal design and development company sells very affordable and high-quality white label travel portals that anyone can buy and start their own business.

Clients pick out a white label model they like from Trip Mega Mart’s extensive catalogue and then they pay for any additional changes they may want. The clients however are expected to pay an annual fee every year for continued usage of their Trip Mega Mart site services. This fee is 25% of the initial cost of the website and the support service is free for the first year after purchase.

In Nigeria many business owners are using the customizing capability of Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions to create unique travel brands with loyal customer bases. No technical skills are needed on part of the business owner, they only need to have some marketing acumen to drive traffic flow to their website.

Why are customers choosing Trip Mega Mart sites?

A major reason behind the popularity of Trip Mega Mart travel portal development is the fact that they are consistently seen to perform very well with customers. This is because the sites contain almost all essential travel business related features and clients can modify the features list to add in any others that they feel will perform well with their business model. Some features of Trip Mega Mart sites include:

• A flight and hotel central reservation system that operates in real time. This system compiles live data from various airline suppliers and hotel suppliers to give customers a one-stop destination for all their reservation needs

• These booking engines including car rental systems and holiday package systems run on the market’s top GDS integration service

• Customers pay for their services with Trip Mega Mart’s native payment gateway with its own security system. Popular third-party payment portals are also compatible with Trip Mega Mart sites

• These sites can operate on all types of devices and clients can even choose to operate their business at a regional or an international scale

• The site design is always intuitive for Trip Mega Mart travel portals. The customizations include basic branding as well as some minor design changes

• The designs are not generic and each site ends up with its own unique look that can be used for brand identity creation and brand marketing

These are just the tip of the ice-berg in terms of features for Trip Mega Mart sites. They have plenty of amazing features at good prices and the sites all perform at high speed and are meant to withstand high traffic.

So, if you are a Nigerian who want to start their own business, but are unable to make a large investment then the Trip Mega Mart white label travel portal development solution may be ideal for you. Just book an appointment and get started building your dream website for your dream business venture. There is a lot of scope for growth and there can be many tourist markets to capture.

Posted on 19-Jul-2022

Travel Portal Development in Nigeria