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Travel Portal Development in Durban

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Durban is an old city in South Africa with a long history of colonial influences that are still visible in the unique cultural heritage of this city. Now Durban is a popular spot for tourists who visit South Africa. They can spend time on the sandy beaches of Durban or spend time in the city’s botanical garden or marine world. But all other South African cities also have their own unique flair and tourists can spend weeks exploring the different parts of the country. Johannesburg is the largest city of South Africa with the best facilities while other port cities like Cape Town are more famous for their stunning ocean views.

South Africa has always been one of the African countries to incite the most curiosity and fascination among tourists. The colonial legacy and complicated history of the country is a draw for history buffs, while the thinly populated beaches of the country pull in more relaxed travelers. Now young South Africans are also trying to cash in on this tourist craze in the country. They are setting up simple and cheap online travel portal solutions with ready-made white label portals that can be used to earn profits from one’s bedroom.

How are South African business owners using travel agency software to earn money?

It can be quite capital intensive to build a new website and then set up an online business. But entrepreneurs have now discovered a short-cut. They are buying pre-built travel portals that can be customized to create their own business model. Then they are focusing solely on marketing to create a very low-investment but high-profit business that requires basically no physical infrastructure to run.

Trip Mega Mart is the top choice for these entrepreneurs. Trip Mega Mart is a travel portal design and development company that operates in South Africa and many other countries of the world. Clients can pick a white label ready-made portal they like from the catalogue and then list the customizations they want added to their website. There is an initial website cost and customizations cost extra. But both the initial cost and the cost of each customization is quite affordable for Trip Mega Mart sites. The only regular expense that clients will have to make for this business model is the annual maintenance fee that they will have to pay to Trip Mega Mart.

Trip Mega Mart delivers the completely customized website to clients within 1 week and then the client is ready to choose their scale of operation, start off their marketing campaigns and start earning a profit.

Why will customers choose a Trip Mega Mart site for their travel needs?

But why will customers choose Trip Mega Mart white label sites ahead of all other options available in the market? The answer is because of the strong performance by these sites compared to other white label solutions.

Trip Mega Mart sites are high-speed and can work on all kinds of devices, the sites also have all the basic requirements for travel planning. Each site has a flight and hotel central reservation system. There is a payment system to pay for these booking engines and there are also car rental systems and holiday package systems. Customers get real-time information from a number of different providers in one place and they can use it to reduce the hassle of their travel planning. Trip Mega Mart sites run using a very high-quality GDS integration system.

But only features are not enough to retain customers when other sites can also offer similar features. Trip Mega Mart sites pair their features with a great user-interface. The designs are visually beautiful and have various interesting elements. But basically, all Trip Mega Mart sites have a very simplistic user-experience that is almost entirely intuitive. No training or prior experience is necessary to use the site. Customers will be able to navigate seamlessly through the different features on the site without thinking.

So, if you are ready to build a travel business that will make travelling easier for customers and also give them a chance to explore the beauty of South Africa, then book your consultation with a Trip Mega Mart South African agent as quickly as possible.

Posted on 09-Nov-2020

White Label Travel Portal in South Africa