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Travel Portal Development in New York

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New York is one of the best cities to be in the USA. Millions of tourists from across the world gather here to enjoy its nightlife, fashion, music, and food. The city takes great care in addressing the needs of its visitors. There are several travel agencies that operate to provide the best experiences to travelers. With change in the travel industry, more agents are considering to start travel agency online here.

In addition to New York, there are other cities in the USA where agents can start off their businesses. Travelers who love to take a tour of museums find a great resource in Washington D.C. The city is full of museums that tourists from different places come to enjoy. The city of New Orleans is visited by people who want to escape their daily routines and relax in beautiful resorts.

There are many cities in the USA that offer spectacular beaches to travelers. These include Honolulu and Miami. The USA is, thus, a destination that belongs to the travel list of all travelers. This helps travel agents to seek multiple business opportunities here, especially if they use the services of travel portal development company to run their businesses.

Essential Features of Portals

There are various features of travel portals that makes them a vital tool to start travel business online.

Multiple Integrations

With a GDS integration service you can partner with various service providers and provide their services to your customers on a single platform. If your business involves a holiday package system, you can use your portal to collaborate with hotels, airlines, and suppliers of other travel products and arrange holiday packages for your travelers. Trip Mega Mart can provide you with an easy integration process and help you to partner with the leading service providers.


A good travel agency software must provide accessibility in various languages so that people from different regions can access the platform. You can choose to make the content of the website readable in some of the popular languages. This way you will be able to maintain the presence of your brand among speakers of those languages.

User friendly

Another important feature that you must consider for your tourism portal development is making it user friendly. If travelers have difficulty in navigating your portal, they would not spend too long on your portal. This, in turn, can have a negative impact on your sales. Not having a user-friendly interface can also affect the retention of customers and result in losing the loyalty of them. Hiring Trip Mega Mart can help you to build a well-designed portal for your business.

Why Opt for aTravel Portal Solution?

There are a number of ways that travel portals can help agents to achieve their travel business goals.

• Business Expansion - Hiring a reputed travel technology company like Trip Mega Mart for your business can have a great impact on the growth of your agency. With travel portals you can spread your business far and wide. You can connect with a large number of customers using the online market. You can also connect with more travel service providers using an online platform.

• Customer Service - Providing a good service to customers becomes much easier with portals. You can maintain interaction with customers throughout the day. You can address their concerns even from remote locations.

• Automation - Portals designed by experts like Trip Mega Mart can let you use automation for a number of tasks. You can allow customers to book products from your portal and confirm the status of their purchases instantly. Moreover, you can notify customers all urgent information related to your agency without requiring manual interventions.

• Real Time Data - Another advantage of working with a travel portal is that you can access travel services on a real time basis. This means you can allow customers to check the current status of travel products before they opt for one. This, in turn, can help them to make better decisions.

Building a travel business in New York with a portal can help you to grow your business quite effectively. You can provide a better service to your customers and also conduct your business smoothly. There are many features that you can add to the portal and make it more relevant to your business.

Posted on 29-Mar-2021

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