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Global Trends Affecting Travel Industry – How to Overcome Them

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Travel industry is one of the most booming industries of the world. The occasions on which people travel are several. People may travel for leisure or for business purposes. And to make travel plans, people are turning to online modes that is, in turn, proving beneficial for a travel portal development company. However, like any other industries, the travel industry too faces challenges. These challenges are usually the outcome of global trends that are constantly changing. Some of the common trends affecting the tourism sector are discussed here.

Trends Affecting Travel Industry

Taxation- heavy taxes levied on the tourism sector makes traveling a costly deal for tourists. Hotel suppliers provide several lodging options but with high taxes as determined by the Government. Even for providing a car rental system, travel agencies need to estimate their prices with the tax in mind.

Globalization- while globalization has encouraged travelers to visit places outside their residing countries, it has impacted the availability of unique travel products. Similar products are available in both domestic and international markets, causing people to witness a standardized travel experience.

Hygiene and Security- the concern for hygiene has grown increasingly during the pandemic. This has led to a change in the way traveling is designed in terms of seating arrangements, rules regarding masks, etc. There is a polarization now among the customers towards the safety measures implemented by a travel agency. Apart from hygiene, security is also a challenge for tourism. Many regions lack specialized police officials who would govern the travel policies.

Growing fuel price- the rise in fuel price forces several airline suppliers to limit their operation. This, in turn, has a major impact on the industry and the tourists as well. A lack of flight may urge the tourists to change their vacation plans and/or their destinations.

Emphasis on contactless payment- the amalgamation of technology and tourism has promoted the use of contactless payment tools such as Google Pay and PhonePe. Tourists do not just get the option of booking a holiday package system with their credit or debit cards, they can also pay at a flight booking engine with their cards.

How to Overcome the Challenges?

Overcoming the challenges of the tourism industry requires measures on the part of the travel agents and, sometimes, the government too. Taxation, for instance, is the government's call. The government should, therefore, cater to the travel industry with a tax rate that does not drastically increase the cost of end products.

The issue with hygiene is more prominent in the light of the pandemic. However, maintaining proper hygiene as well as customer's security must be prioritized by the travel agencies when collaborating with hotel suppliers or other service providers.

The impact that globalization has on the accessibility to region-specific products can be compensated with customized travel experiences. You can start travel agency online that allows customers to book an adventurous holiday or a leisure holiday package as per their choice.

As far as the challenge posed by the growing fuel price is concerned, it is related to the market of fuel supply and other relevant factors. Hence, travel agencies might not have a direct control on this issue. However, they can create B2B & B2C travel website/portal with reputable companies like Trip Mega Mart and offer competitive prices on other services to help reduce the overall cost of travelling of their customers. Providing diverse services becomes easy for a travel agent with a tourism portal development company.

Role of Technology

Technology has an important role to play in helping tourism combat the issues related to global trends. You can hire a travel website/portal design & development company like Trip Mega Mart and use technology to start online travel business agency. You can use a GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration to offer different services to customers through your portal. You can also partner with a travel mobile application development company and bring your travel portal on the fingertips of the tourists.

Thus, the growth of the tourism industry is often faced with challenges. While some of the challenges are related to governmental policies, others are posed by the change in circumstances. However, meeting the challenges are more or less within the capacities of the travel agents. With technological advancements such as a travel agency software, the journey of resolving issues in the travel sector is eased for the travel agents.

Posted on 06-Apr-2022

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