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The Changing Face of Travel Agency Business with Travel Portal

The Changing Face Of Travel Agency Business With Travel Portal

The rise in demand for travelling has contributed significantly to the growth of the industry. But what has helped in ensuring the sustainability of this sector is innovations like travel portals. The use of portals has changed the way people plan to start travel business online.  Rather than restricting travel services to offline platforms, portals have created avenues that are more convenient for both the customers and travel agents to access travel services. They have opened up a large number of opportunities for developing travel businesses and gaining success. Portals, in short, play an important role in adding more value to the travel business.

The Changing Face of Travel Agency Business with Travel Portal
Travel portals offer various benefits to agents and other travel service providers.

  • Diverse Services
    There might be certain travel products that you wish to include or remove from your business as you understand the market better. Portals make this completely hassle free. You can sell as many products to travelers as you want to. If you want to develop a portal that supports the car rental system, you can ask the development team for it. Similarly, if you want to sell airline tickets, you can approach Trip Mega Mart for integrating your portal to airline suppliers. Portals allow you to add diversity to the products you offer to customers. You can opt for products based on your feasibility and interest and hire suitable individuals for building you the portal.
  • Good Networking
    Portals serve as a great means of marketing your company. By hiring a reputed travel technology company for developing your portal, you can form associations with major service providers. Trip Mega Mart, for instance, can help you connect with reliable travel product companies. This, in turn, can allow you to provide real-time data to travelers. You can ensure that your customers are able to access data that they can rely on for planning their tours. Portal development can also help you to access the latest technologies. You can make your business more focused on the essential components by automating tasks with the use of effective technological means.
  • Better Revenue
    Portals give you the scope for scaling your business as and when required. For long agents have been dependent on the revenue earned from specific services that they could offer at any given time. But technology has paved the way for hosting multiple services together. You can integrate your portal with a flight & hotel central reservation system and offer both flight and hotel room booking services to customers. This can drive your revenue and let you earn better. Companies that have experience in developing travel portals, such as Trip Mega Mart, can conduct a smooth integration process to ensure an uninterrupted cash flow.
  • Enhanced Marketplace
    The potential of the digital market is limitless. Factors like convenience and speed of services makes the online platform a preferred marketplace for consumers. The online platform provides scope to travelers to know the service providers better. They can also post reviews and help others to reach an appropriate flight booking engine and providers of other services. You can gain a set of loyal customers with portals. You can connect to travelers from different countries and expand your business across borders. With a travel mobile application development company, you can make your portal accessible on mobile devices and reach out to more potential customers.

Features of a Travel Agency Software
Travel portals are capable of benefiting your business in multiple ways. But there are some features that form an essential part of an effective portal.

  • Fast Services
    One feature that makes portals extremely convenient is instant booking of services. By connecting your portal to GDS integration service, you can let customers place booking requests easily on your portal. They can receive confirmation, e-tickets, and booking details on their email addresses. Customers can also cancel their reservations instantly with travel portals.
  • Map Integration
    Another useful feature of portals is their integration to maps. Locating hotels or other travel services in new places might be a difficult task for customers. Maps allow customers to get details of the area where they are planning for an accommodation. They can find out what restaurants or tourist spots are accessible from the area. 
  • Email Notifications
    You can provide customers with e-tickets and booking confirmation on their email addresses. By opting for email notifications on their account, customers can communicate with you about their bookings over emails. You can send them notifications on cancellations as well using the email service. Trip Mega Mart can build this feature on your travel website.

Travel portals provide several reasons for agents to consider them to successfully start travel agency online. The hiring of an experienced developer is also important so that you can have all the necessary features on the portal. An efficiently built portal can help your travel business to grow to its fullest capacity.

Posted on 24-Jun-2024

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