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Online platform are now making it easy to become a travel agent in any corner of the world. All one needs is a favourable access to the internet. Most online travel start-ups depend on white label travel portals to set-up their base.

A white label travel portal has all the essential features for a travel business built into it using GDS integration. One of the globe’s most reliable travel portal development companies is Trip Mega Mart. Their websites are equipped with GDS, XML & API flight and hotel integration. Common features in almost all their websites are hotel booking engines, car rental systems, flight booking engines, holiday package systems and much more.

The websites have to be customized with the client’s brand name and logo. The travel agent or travel business only has to direct their customers to this website with all necessary services available in one place and that too at affordable rates.

If you have taken a travel project in your hands, then you need to study about the new travel technology updates that are coming up. Today, a GDS, XML & API Flight & Hotel Integration service can do pretty much everything for you without you even looking up your sales charts for days. Gone are the days when travel agents needed to book through phones and confirm bookings manually. A GDS Integration Service is all you need today and all leading hotel and airline suppliers can be booked from your website. A good White label Travel Portal Development company will get your job done easily. The Travel Website/Portal Development cost is what you need to look at.

If you are unsure where to start, then consider visiting Trip Mega Mart. They have the best developers to develop a dynamic Travel Portal Solution at an effective cost. The after sales support that Trip Mega Mart offers is also one of the best. The travel portals are highly responsive to customer queries.

Travel and tourism has always been a profitable market, but now online travel portals are making it easier to break into the business with very low initial investments. The easiest and cheapest method for online travel start-ups to create their own niche is to purchase a white label travel portal and direct customers to that portal.

White label travel portal development companies like Trip Mega Mart have websites with operational flight booking engines and hotel booking engines. These operate real-time using GDS, XML & API flight and hotel integration. Car rental systems and holiday package systems and many more features can also be added to the websites.

A travel business can purchase such a website and get it customized as per their requirements. Trip Mega Mart also develops travel mobile applications. Their B2B or B2C travel portals comprises of an annual maintenance charge of 25% of original website development cost, which is quite reasonable.

Travel websites in the USA or elsewhere in the world mostly follow the same business model. They purchase white label travel portals with real-time GDS integration and then focus on marketing their brand and drawing more traffic to their website.

Entrepreneurs looking to enter the travel e-commerce market can purchase a travel portal from Trip Mega Mart. Their websites are B2B or B2C and have GDS, XML & API flight and hotel integration. The websites have operational real-time flight booking engines, hotel booking engines, car rental systems and other essential travel oriented services under one umbrella. This convenience draws in many customers.

But Trip Mega Mart websites are also very reasonably priced. Websites start at Rs 30,000 and go up to Rs 60,000 and continued service from the API supplier is provided. Trip Mega Mart also has a feature for travel mobile application development for smooth use of the websites across different devices.

The best place to look for advice to start an online travel start-up business is Trip Mega Mart. They are a white label travel portal development company. A white label travel portal has GDS integration for real-time flight booking and hotel booking engines. This portal is customized with a travel business’s name and branding to make it unique for customers.

Trip Mega Mart websites have GDS, XML & API flight and hotel integration service. Some additional services like car rental systems and holiday package systems are also available. B2B or B2C travel websites with all these lucrative and essential features is what makes this company exceptional in providing its services. Trip Mega Mart also develops travel mobile applications to make their websites compatible across different devices. Individual travel agent portals can be added for a cost of Rs 15,000. At such enticing rates it is easy for anyone to continue with an API integration service.

With White Label Travel Portal Development Connection Start Travel Agency Business In Usa

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