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Get People Addicted to your Online Travel Services

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Online travel businesses are changing the face of the international travel and tourism industry. People are no longer ready to spend hours at a travel agency office planning their trip, most customers prefer to book their travel arrangements from home using digital travel portals. But the competition in the digital travel portal market has also intensified over the last few years. It is no longer easy to capture the customer’s attention. Travel businesses need to have a great website with lots of features, a good user-interface and a strong back-end to stand out from their rivals.

How to start travel agency online

  • The first step is to create a B2B and B2C travel website. This can be done either by hiring software developers who can build a website from scratch or by taking the services of pre-built white label travel portal. Building new websites can be very expensive and time consuming, so most business owners choose to take the convenient method of getting a white label travel portal and then customizing it.
  • Trip Mega Mart is an internationally renowned travel portal development company that specializes in customizable white label travel portals. Trip Mega Mart websites have flight and hotel API integration. The website is able to collect real time data from various popular airline suppliers and hotel suppliers and display all this in a single, compact format. The GDS integration service of Trip Mega Mart portals can be used for car rental systems and tour package systems as well.
  • Trip Mega Mart portals also make it very easy for customers to pay for all these different travel services. A payment portal is built into the website and it has multiple security features to ensure customer privacy. The website design is also conducive to integrate with lots of popular third-party payment gateways. This provides customers with maximum variety and freedom in making their payments.
  • As a travel technology company Trip Mega Mart is also sensitive to the needs of their business owner clients. This means that the websites are designed to perform on all kinds of devices (mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet) to ensure that the business can reach out the maximum number of customers. Trip Mega Mart business owner clients also get the option to choose the scale of their website operation. They can operate their business for only regional customers or scale up to serve all international customers as well.
  • Another important feature for business owners that is included in all Trip Mega Mart travel portals is their admin controls. These admin controls allow employees of a travel business to use their access codes to make small changes to their services list on the website after it goes viral. Making these changes is very easy and no software coding skills are necessary at all.

Website designing for a travel portal solution

  • A strong backend is important to provide a reliable service to customers. But the first things that most customers notice for an online business is their website design. For this reason, Trip Mega Mart pays a lot of attention to their web design teams. Each white label portal is customized with the branding of the client business before delivery so that it can stand out from others.
  • Some clients also pay to modify the layout, colors and other basic design features of the website. This is done to make the portal more visually appealing and make it fit better into the requirements and expectations of the target customer profile of a particular business.
  • Web designing is also very important to ensure usability. All Trip Mega Mart portals can be used intuitively and it is very easy to navigate the across the site and make use of all the different functionalities.
  • The most important objective of web designing is to give each site an unique look so that it can create a distinct impression in the mind of customers and help with building brand recognition and brand awareness. Brand identity building is absolutely essential to get people addicted to your online travel services.

Pricing structure of Trip Mega Mart white label travel portal solutions

  • Trip Mega Mart offers flexible pricing with multiple different website plans for their white label portals. Each client can choose one according to their own budget. Additional design or functional changes can be added with small charges for each change.
  • Trip Mega Mart also offers their clients that opportunity to add individualized travel agent portals within their travel business website. This feature also requires only a small extra expenditure.
  • There is an annual fee however that every Trip Mega Mart white label business owner has to pay (15% of the original website cost). This cost is used to cover the API service and regular maintenance of the website and can easily be covered by clients because they earn a lot more from their website within a year.

If you feel that you want to start a low risk and small investment business, then a white label travel portal is ideal for you to begin your entrepreneurship journey. Book a consultation with Trip Mega Mart right away to ensure that you get the best possible support on this new adventure.

Posted on 24-Jun-2024

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