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How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing the Travel Industry

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Artificial intelligence or AI is one of the inventions of modern science and technology that is changing the way we perceive and interact with the world around us. AI technologies in-built into various services are able to understand our preferences and customize our experiences. In travel and tourism too AI has begun to play an important role. AI enabled software are generally being utilized in online travel portals for chat bots and various other features. Online travel portals are now all the rage in the travel industry and are quickly becoming major revenue earners.

Learn the process to start a travel agency online

In order to start an online travel portal solution, one can hire software developers to build a brand new website. But this is a long drawn, cumbersome and expensive process. It is much simpler to simply hire the services of a white label travel portal development company.

A white label portal is a website with a basic framework and features that can be customized for different clients. Trip Mega Mart is a leading international travel portal design and development company. They create B2B and B2C travel portals with a variety of travel related features.

The most important feature is the flight and hotel API integration. This means that all Trip Mega Mart websites use a high-quality API provider to run real time flight booking engines and hotel booking engines with lots of airline suppliers and hotel suppliers. Customers are saved the trouble of going to different supplier’s sites themselves and get to make their reservation from the travel business portal itself.

Trip Mega Mart portals use their GDS integration service for car rental systems and holiday package systems as well. All payments are processed through an in-built payment gateway. This gateway processes transactions in just seconds and also takes care of customer privacy with multiple encryption layers. Trip Mega Mart developers create the websites in such a way that integration with most popular third-party payment portals is also very easy.

Advantages of starting an online travel portal solution

All Trip Mega Mart portals give business owners the complete freedom to determine their own business plan. The same portal can be scaled up or scaled down to service local or regional or international customers.

Trip Mega Mart portals use another strategy to ensure maximum customer access. The portals are optimized for multi-device usage. Customers can use all features of the website from their computer, tablet, laptop or smart phone.

Trip Mega Mart portals also have a wide range of admin controls for their business owner clients. Once the website goes live the admins can still make minor changes to their list of services as and when necessary. The travel industry has a lot of season variations this feature allows business owners to keep on top of those variations. No changes are made to the software code to implement these changes and anyone can execute them.

Online travel portal user-interface design

In order to gain the attention of customers travel portals have to add some interesting design elements. All Trip Mega Mart white label portals are customized. The business’s name, logo and branding are added to the front-end design.

Along with this basic customization more advanced personalization in terms of colour change, layout modifications are also offered to clients for a small charge. Once all these changes are complete, each Trip Mega Mart website ends up with its very own signature look. This look builds brand identity and can be used in marketing campaigns as well to draw in more customers to the site.

But even after adding in all this design interest, Trip Mega Mart designers ensure that every website is very user-friendly. All Trip Mega Mart portals have an intuitive interface that is simple to navigate and can be used by almost anyone with any level of technical expertise.

How to calculate travel portal development cost?

An online travel portal solution is generally much cheaper than a physical travel agency office and the cost is even lower for a white label travel portal.

Trip Mega Mart white label travel portals are very reasonably priced. There are a few different prices on offer. Each plan has its own set of functionalities and customizations and the prices vary according to the level of complexity of these features.

Individualized travel agent portals can also be built into Trip Mega Mart travel business portals with a very small expenditure.

The only main expense of Trip Mega Mart clients is the annual maintenance fee of 25% of the website plan. This fee is however easy to recoup from the travel business itself if the business owner can set up a proper marketing policy.

If you feel that you have what it takes to run an international business from your home, then a white label travel portal may just be the career opportunity that you are looking for. Call Trip Mega Mart today to get your first consultation to begin your exciting entrepreneurship journey.

Posted on 13-May-2019

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