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Trip Mega Mart creates ready-made travel portals as well as customized ones. Depending on the requirement of the travel business, a travel portal and its features can be created. The company works with the travel agency to determine requirements. The features developed for a travel portal could be as basic as booking, rental, and accommodations to advanced ones such as walkthroughs, blogs, virtual assistance etc.

Why do travel agencies choose Trip Mega Mart?

Ease of working

It is easy to work with this travel portal development company. Being a new-age company with newer ways of building information technology assets, companies find it refreshing to work with this Trip Mega Mart – tourism portal development company. From the technology stack, to the framework used, to features, to development methodologies to deployment patterns – everything is modern. Customers don’t have to request for it –because it’s already available in the travel portal solution. There is no need to raise separate modernization and digitization feature roadmaps, as all of this information is already available. All that clients have to do is to pick and choose their desired features and start their digital transformation. The process to create B2B & B2C travel website/portal is simple and efficient.

Cloud native applications

Trip Mega Mart can build cloud-native applications or applications tailored for cloud and data centre environments. It is of great relevance to current generation applications because of the paradigm shift towards cloud computing. Now as more applications migrate to the cloud, it is becoming more evident that cloud computing is not a myth. Other applications have to follow suit. People are willing to pay for what they use – this includes businesses too. Travel agencies, those who want to start online travel business agency or established businesses, have to adopt the cloud model to stay in the reckoning. They have to choose an able digital transformation partner to achieve their transformation goals.


Every travel agency has its own set of business requirements and may need different type of white label travel portal development. Some travel agencies have their unique business models. So, creating generic travel applications is not suitable. Even if travel companies use these applications, the usage will be restricted and limited. The companies have to force-fit such applications in their scheme of things. They may also have to rely on manual processes for several other business processes. Trip Mega Mart travel mobile application development company and travel website/portal development company has expertise in building sustainable technology assets for travel agencies. With customized travel agency software, a travel agency can expand its business model and stay unique, and retain its unique business proposition.


Along with customizations, Trip Mega Mart has expertise in integrations too. Flight & hotel API integration, GDS, XML, & API flight & hotel integration, GDS integration service – are some of the many integrations that can be done. Along with building a modern flight booking engine, hotel booking engine, or holiday package system, such integrations increase the feature-richness of the travel portal.

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